When you think of a study guide for MCAT, you probably imagine a huge book, heavy to handle and difficult to read. You get jitters thinking about the endless pages of the study guide and the possible ways of finishing it. Just reading a study guide seems to be a cumbersome task and when it comes to learning the contents, you might just lose heart. Nevertheless, you should not take the study guide by its appearance. It is not just another guidebook that has useless detail. A study guide is an all-in-one solution of preparing for MCAT. It is not only a source of information but is an instructor that helps you at every step.

MCAT is a test that requires you to have specific skills. For the preparation of the test you need to handle too many things at the same time. Not only do you need to register in time for the test, you also need to keep a check of the test dates and latest changes in the test. Along with that, you need to cover the vast syllabus of the test. That is why if you have a good study guide, it becomes a handy reference material for you.


There are a number of study guides available in the market. To choose the one that you can benefit from is a tough decision. A good study guide of MCAT has the following features.

1. User-friendly

A good study guide is very convenient to use. It is easy to comprehend and understand. Whatever information you want you are able to find out quickly from a good study guide.

2. Source of Information

A good study guide is informative. It should be enough for MCAT preparation. The content of a good study guide should not be irrelevant but must be essential. Only if the study material is useful does it make the guide any worth. Sometimes you will find some books full of unnecessary facts and useless content. Such books seem to contain a lot of information but actually they are just filled up with irrelevant material. A good study guide is one that has just enough material; it should neither be too much nor too little.

3. Highly Recommended

If a guide is good enough to benefit the students it is bound to be popular. It gains its name from the word of mouth. A good book is recommended by those who have read it and found it useful. That accounts for its popularity.

4. Written by Good Authors

The author and the publisher make a book. The worth of a guide can be judged by the names of authors it mentions. If it is compiled by authors of repute, you can be sure that it will contain good study material. You should look for a book written by professionals. Along with their knowledge, these professionals include test taking strategies and tips out of their experience.

5. Free of Errors

A guide is required to clear your doubts and concepts. If it is full of errors, it will misguide you. Thus a book should be free of errors. The information provided should be correct and precise. Only then will it be able to be a good support at the time of preparation.

6. Practice Exercises

A guide should include enough practice exercises. After a concept is explained it should be followed by some solved examples and practice questions. You can therefore apply your knowledge of what you have learnt immediately. This fixes the concepts in your mind, besides telling you if you are correct in the method of preparation.

7. Evaluation Method

One of the main features of a good study book is that it should include some form of evaluation methods. That means it should have full length practice tests along with the answer keys. That enables you to check yourself by scoring your performance. This way you will be able to assess yourself in simulated conditions and experience the test before you take the actual test.

8. Updated Regularly

A good study book of MCAT should be up-to-date with all the latest changes and information. It should not give you stale and outdated information. There can be changes in the syllabus, pattern, scoring etc. A good reference book will present you the content with the latest changes. It should not take too long for the latest edition to appear. If it does not mention the recent changes, it becomes stagnant. Such a book can be regarded more as a history book than a study guide.

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