MCAT Study Books

MCAT Study Books from Professional Companies

Books are the basic requirement for any preparation. Though a lot of internet material is available, study books are essential for thorough MCAT preparation. There are many companies that offer courses for MCAT. Apart from the study material that they give to the students who have enrolled in their classes, they also publish books. These study books are extensive and very useful for the preparation.


Kaplan is one of the best companies offering excellent coaching for the MCAT. They have also published study books for the test. You can buy these books and prepare for the test. They have many books for MCAT preparation.

  • Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review: This book is a comprehensive book that covers all the science sections, Verbal Reasoning section and the Writing Sample. This book comes with a CD-ROM. It has 15 biology chapters, 11 chemistry, 15 organic chemistry and 12 physics chapters. Practice questions are given at the end of each section.
    • Tests-The Verbal Reasoning section includes 2 full-length Verbal Reasoning tests and every answer is given with detailed explanations.
    • CD-ROM- Timed practice tests, explanation for all the answers, detailed scoring analysis and performance analysis are the salient features of the CD-ROM.
    • Time Management-Tips to manage time effectively and ways to deal with stress are also given in this book.
    • Price- This book is priced at $271.06 for a new copy and $6.8 for a used copy. You can order the book online at
  • Kaplan MCAT Review: Complete 5-Book Series: This five-in-one book from Kaplan contains more content review and questions than any other study package. It gives a comprehensive review of all the topics in the different sections in the test (Biology, Physics, Verbal Reasoning and Essay Writing). This boxed set includes 1500+ practice questions, online access to Fast Fact Videos, color illustrations, charts, graphs and diagrams
  • The book also has teacher commentaries which give a feel of a real class while studying.

  • Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests: This book gives the most test-like practice for students. Practice is the key to getting a high score. Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests book does exactly that. It offers 2 full-length practice tests with answer explanations. It gives the latest test information and contains 6 full chapters exclusively of strategies to solve the different sections of the test.
  • Kaplan MCAT in a Box: This box contains flash cards. These flash cards can be used to remember the formulae, structures and definitions. 350 physics and general chemistry terms, definition and concepts from atomic structure to thermodynamics and another 350 biology and organic chemistry terms, definitions and concepts from anatomy to biochemistry are there on the flash cards. The flash cards from the box can be used for studying anytime anywhere.


ExamKrackers have many study guides for MCAT. They have comprehensive books that cover all the sections of the test and they have individual books for each section as well.

  • ExamKrackers - Complete MCAT Study Package: This is a set with 5 volumes of the ExamKrackers study manuals. It includes 980 pages of illustrations (both color and black and white), full-length practice test, thirty-one 30 minute topical exams in the test format and 1400+ test questions.
    • 1001 Questions in MCAT Physics
    • 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry
    • 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry
    • 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology
    • The above 4 books contain 1001 questions in the particular subject with answers and explanations. These study guides will help you master the individual subjects.
    • 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning
    • This book has 101 Verbal Reasoning passages that resemble the real test passages. For a feel of the real test passages this book is a must.


    PrincetonReview offers many courses and books for MCAT preparation. If you plan to do self-study for the test, PrincetonReview's study guides fall in the best MCAT books category. They also offer comprehensive books and individual books.

    • Cracking the MCAT This book will help you review all the content of all the different subjects tested in the test. Along with this book you get a 16-page tear-out guide that contains all the important formulae, concepts and charts. This booklet can be used for easy reference. All the topics in the different sections of the test are dealt in detail in this book. If you buy this book you get exclusive access to 4 online full length practice tests with the answers and explanations.
    • MCAT Workout This book gives the best practice you need to get a high score in the test. It includes practice tests for all the sections and 2 full-length practice tests.
      • MCAT Biology Review
      • MCAT General Chemistry Review
      • MCAT Organic Chemistry Review
      • MCAT Physics and Math Review
      • MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review

    The above review books are individual subject books. For thorough understanding of the individual subjects, these books are very useful.

    These books are from good coaching companies. They have a good standard and have proven useful for many candidates to get a high MCAT score and join a good medical school. All these books can be purchased from