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Requirement of MCAT Study Help

There are four sections in the MCAT i.e. Physical Sciences section, Verbal Reasoning Section, Writing Sample section and the Biological Sciences section. The content tested by the MCAT is of the undergraduate level. The test is designed to test your problem solving skills related to the science subjects in addition to critical thinking and writing skills. These skills are expected to have been developed by you while carrying out your undergraduate studies. You will need help to further refine these skills which are crucial for success in the test. If you are not familiar with the formulae, theories and rules of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English, then you may have to opt for a reputed MCAT prep course for the necessary study help. The teachers at the preparation course will provide you with the assistance for improving all your weaknesses by imparting expert instructions and guidance.

MCAT Study Plan

If you plan to carry out study for MCAT on your own, then ideally your study should start before you even register for the test. You require at least three to four months for an intensive test preparation. If you have not started your study before your registration, then also there is nothing to lose provided you have at least three months up your sleeve for preparation and for looking around for relevant help.

Start your preparation by taking a practice test. The results of this initial practice test will help you in identifying the subject areas in which you need improvement. If you find yourself lacking in any of the subject areas tested by the MCAT, then you will have to formulate a plan that dedicates more time to your weak subject areas. If you find that you have fared the same in all the sections of the practice test, then you should chalk out a plan that allocates almost the same time for all the subject areas.

Set aside a couple of hours daily for your studies. You can increase the time spent for studying as you approach the test date. Make it a habit to take practice tests frequently during the course of your study. These practice tests will provide you with help as they are beneficial in assessing the improvements that you are making in your preparation. Use the results of the practice tests to rectify your study plan in case you feel that the progress being made is not of the level that was expected. As the MCAT is a timed test, the practice tests can be utilized to practice the skills required to answer all the questions asked within the given time frame. You will also be able to fine tune your skills which are essential for applying your knowledge for problem solving and analytical reasoning.

You should make adequate use of the study materials that had been collected by you prior to starting your study. All books of MCAT bought by you should be studied thoroughly if you want to benefit from the content given in the books. Go through as many web sites as you can that offer you guidance and assistance for your study. Leave the last month of your preparation for extensive practice on problem solving. The first two months of your preparation are sufficient for reviewing the fundamentals of the content tested by the MCAT. Take as many practice tests as you can. Be on the lookout for free MCAT events being organized in your neighborhood. Utilize the opportunity of taking a free practice test whenever you get one.

It will be a good idea to form a study group with your friends taking the MCAT at the same time as you are. You will gain a lot from each other’s knowledge. It is perfectly fine to study on your own if you are not comfortable studying in a group. You should always keep in mind that you need a lot of mental strength and self confidence to fare well in the test. All efforts that you have put in your study will be futile if you start getting nervous and stressed out as the test date approaches. Therefore, start your preparation well in time and proceed at a comfortable pace if you want to avoid rushing at the end. If you take the test with a composed frame of mind, you will be able to recall all that you have been studying for the past months and you will pass the test with flying colors.

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