Structure of MCAT

Breakdown of MCAT Test

Structure of MCAT

The Medical College Admission Test is an examination that every individual interested in pursuing a career in medicine should take. There are four sections in this test, where three are multiple-choice sections and the last section is where you will be given two topics on the basis of which you will need to write essays. Basically, MCAT is a test that will assess your knowledge on the basics of Natural Sciences such as Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry. Before you take the test, it is important for you to understand the structure of the test so that you will get a clear idea about what to expect on the actual day of the examination.

Sections of MCAT

As mentioned above, the structure of MCAT consists of four sections and these are:

  • Physical Sciences: This is the section where you will find around fifty-two multiple choice questions and you will need to finish them in a span of seventy minutes. The questions are related to General Physics and Chemistry. You will find that the questions are mixed all through the section and these are the two subjects that will be tested in this section. Some of the topics in Physics include Newtonian mechanics, atomic phenomena, thermodynamics, etc. The concepts in Chemistry that will be tested include quantum numbers, different types of reactions, Periodic Table, bases and acids, etc. You need to score well in this section of the test if you want to get a high score in the test.
  • Verbal Reasoning: This is another section in the test structure that you need to understand well so that you will be able to work on it effectively. In this part of the test, you will find around forty multiple choice questions and the time given to you to complete this section will be an hour. This is the test section that will assess your reading abilities. You will have to think properly before you answer the questions in this section.
  • Writing Sample: This is that section of the test where you will be required to write two essays. The topics will be given to you and you will have to spend no more than an hour to complete the Writing Sample section. Needless to say, you need to be good at framing sentences and make use of your analytical skill to write the essays.
  • Biological Sciences: This is the last section of the test that you will have to work on and you will be given seventy minutes to finish this section. There will be fifty-two multiple choice questions and these will be related to Organic Biology and Chemistry. Some of the concepts that will be included in this test are enzymatic activity, skeletal system, muscular system, hydrocarbons, nomenclature, etc.

Do Keep in Mind...

MCAT is a test that is used by the medical schools to determine whether or not a candidate will be able to pursue a career in medicine. The total test will last for around three hours and twenty minutes and an additional one hour is given to the candidates to work on the essays in the writing sample section. If you take into account all the breaks that are given by the administration, then this entire test can last for about five hours and thirty minutes. Each and every section in the test has to be worked on diligently and you need to make sure that you understand the subject areas well so that it will be possible for you to get a high score in each of the sections. If you think that you can make up for one section of the test (because you are not good at it) by scoring well in the other sections, then you are mistaken. It is important that you get good scores in each and every one of the sections so that you can obtain a high score and get into a good medical school.

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