Software for MCAT Preparation

MCAT Software You Must Not Overlook

Many courses, books, e-guides and software are available to prepare for the MCAT. Are all the study materials available for the test equally good? No, they are not. It is your responsibility to choose the best study material based on the quality and other factors.

When you do not have enough time to take a preparation course, the software for MCAT will be of great use to you. You need a computer with an Internet connection to prepare well for the test. However, you must choose only the preparation software that is good. The following tips will be useful for you to choose the right preparation software.

MCAT Software That Must Not be Considered

  • Do not use any free software unless they are of good quality and cover the required test syllabus.
  • Do not use the most expensive test preparation software as you can easily get one at a reasonable price.
  • Do not buy any preparation software on a subscription basis since most of the information may be repeated in each subscription.

MCAT Software That Can be Considered

There are plenty of valuable test software available for the benefit of students. It is better to choose a preparation software that is reasonably priced and uses interactive learning methods. It is recommended that you buy only the most cost efficient and the latest version of the software by comparing the prices and other features of the one you choose with that of the others available in the market.

A few of the best software that can be of great use to students are as follows:

  • CLEaRS MCAT from Learning Accord: CLEaRS system is an ultimate tool with four different teaching modes and a built-in adaptive logic. The software helps you to master the fundamentals of Science subjects and other syllabus required for the test at a high speed. A few weeks of three to four hours of preparation using this software will help you in getting incredible results in the exam.

  • MCAT VisualAid Software: MCAT VisualAid Software is a comprehensive test preparation tool that teaches the Science subjects and Verbal Reasoning sections of the test in the best manner. If you use this software sincerely, you will get the benefit of taking one of the Kaplan's test courses. This software will definitely encourage you to score more than 30 in the test.

  • Kaplan MCAT Premier 2011-2012: Kaplan MCAT Premier 2011-2012 is a proven software tool that helps you score higher in the test. The software includes everything that you need to quickly learn all the sections of the test. This is definitely one of the quality educational software for preparation.

  • Pre-Med MCAT Flashcards: Pre-Med MCAT Flashcards are an inexpensive way to study the content quickly from the comfort of your computer. They help you to practice for the computerized test. You can download the software from the website

To know about the other software packages, you can search over the Internet. If you want to download free package that is of good quality, you can visit the website (

If you want to avoid the test costs to a great extent, it is wise to use good preparation software rather than joining any expensive professional preparation courses. The preparation software is the easy, effective and inexpensive way to review the test materials from the comfort of your home. Before downloading any test software, make sure that your system has the required operating system and other requirements. It is better to use an updated computer system with uninterrupted access to the Internet if you want to use the latest versions of the software packages.