MCAT Scores' Range

What Is the MCAT Score Range Accepted by Top Colleges?

The MCAT consists of four sections out of which three sections comprise multiple-choice questions and the other section consists of two topics upon which you need to write essays. The three sections that contain multiple-choice questions are the Physical Sciences section, the Biological Sciences section and the Verbal Reasoning Section. The essay writing section is the Writing Sample section. The test is scored based upon the number of questions correctly answered by you in any particular section. The three sections with multiple-choice questions are evaluated on a scale of 0-15 post to the allotment of raw scores, which are nothing but the number of correctly answered questions. There is no negative marking in the test and so you must not leave any question unanswered. The Writing Sample section is given alphabetic grade that ranges between J (low) and T (high).

How Are MCAT Scores Used?

  • After your test scores are released, you will receive both your marks and the percentile scores.
  • Each multiple-choice section is scored on a scale of 0-15, which brings the maximum composite score that can be achieved by an individual to 45.
  • The score obtained in these three sections is appended with the alphabetic grade that you score in the Writing Sample section.
  • Hence, your score looks like this: 35N, which means 35 is your score in the three multiple-choice sections and the N is the grade in your Writing Sample section.
  • During the admission review process of any college, these scores are not considered alone to decide your admission. In fact, along with your score, your Grade Point Average (GPA) will also be considered. Hence, you must carefully concentrate on both and should not neglect any one.

Understanding the MCAT Scores Range

The scores of the MCAT typically range between 45 and 3. So far, no cases have been reported where a student has scored less than 3 in the test. We can clearly understand the scores' range if we consider the percentiles because they are reported compared to the whole test taker population. You can visit the following official link to find the analysis of scores' range based upon the percentiles:

On the above page, there is a tabular column that depicts the score's range and corresponding to it are the percentage of students who achieve the specified test scores range and the percentile score that they will receive. Here, you can observe that highest percentage of students achieve a range of 25-28, which is almost 19% of all the test takers. Precisely, a score of 25-26 would make you stand in the 50th percentile approximately. So, based upon this, you can clearly know the score that you must obtain to secure a percentile score in order to secure admission in the college of your choice.

MCAT Score Ranges Accepted by Top Colleges

The result of MCAT that is accepted by colleges differ based upon their rankings. Usually, the students who stand in between the 95th and the 99th percentile can have a chance of securing admission in the top Medical colleges in the USA. To obtain 95th percentile, you need to approximately score 35. In fact, this is the average score but might differ if the percentage of students who score in this range increase. You can refer to the following links to find the average scores for each section of the MCAT:

However, you must also be sure of the GPA that is accepted by the colleges. The colleges would not solely depend upon your test scores for admitting you. They consider your GPA and performance at the time of interview. You can refer to the following link to know the accepted average scores and GPA by the colleges: