Competitive MCAT Scores

7 Tips to Obtain Competitive MCAT Scores

So you have decided to be a doctor! There are a number of factors that will be considered in your application for admission to a school, such as your GPA, letters of recommendations, your experiences; some schools even consider the place of residence. One of the decisive factors that the medical school administrators will definitely look into, are your MCAT scores. So are your scores competitive enough to make the cut? Here are some tips that will definitely make your  score competitive enough to get you through.

7 Tips to Competitive MCAT Scores:

  1. Begin early- Most candidates who take the test do not make it through their first attempt. Competition is indeed tough, so the earlier you start the better it will be. To make your test scores competitive, start your preparations as early as four months before the test date. If you are in a pre-medical school don't wait for the last minute; organize your materials well, and pay attention to new concepts. Being meticulous on your part can make things easier for you in the days to come.
  2. Understand the format and the content- You can make your  score competitive provided you understand the format as well as the content of the test. Many times it is in the small details, that our successes and failures are dependent upon. Make sure you are aware of the latest updates with regard to the test especially with regard to the testing content.
  3. Working on your shortcomings- To make your result competitive, your preparation should start with a diagnostic test based on the different test sections. This will give you a tentative idea of the subject areas you need to focus on.
  4. Practice with books of the latest editions- It is important that you practice with books which are of the latest editions and also from well known authors as this will keep you abreast with the latest updates. However, don't depend on books alone, you can also gather your data from online resources wherein much of the knowledge required for the test's preparation is available for free.
  5. Practice to perfection- If you want your test scores to be competitive enough, then you have to have a test score of 30 and above as the combined score of the test and a score of P or Q for the Writing section of the test. This is the average score which most competitive medical schools look for. To have such competitive scores you have to take as many practice tests as possible. Each day you have to keep aside at least an hour or two for your practice sessions.
  6. Simulating the MCAT test- One way to make your test scores competitive is to take the test under simulated conditions. This will not only give you the confidence for the testing day but will also keep you focussed till the very end which can be a gruelling five and half hours. You can enrol yourself in any of the preparatory classes which provide such simulated tests. This will not only build up your stamina for the big day but also, the strategies and techniques provided by the experts will come in handy to speed up your preparations.
  7. Learn to relax- As the test date draws nearer, the hours of study also increase. In such cases taking short breaks is important; after all, you have to perform on the day of the test rather than before the test. Taking short breaks in between study can avoid a burn out before the test day.

On a parting note, a well planned approach can definitely make your test result competitive, provided you follow it with the focus and commitment of a winner.

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