MCAT Score Release

What Is the Connection between MCAT Score Release Dates and Med School Admission?

Students who have appeared for the MCAT and the medical schools both eagerly wait for the test's score release. Students wait for the release of scores to know how well they have performed, how many schools they can apply to or should they go for a re-test. If a medical school has an application deadline of June, then you should take the test of April, so that your scores are ready by the time the school needs it.

Medical schools eagerly wait for the results, so that they can start with the lengthy admission process. They need to select the eligible candidates from a list of applicants who have applied. The results provide information on how various students have performed in the standardized test. This information makes it easy for the admission officials to select the eligible candidate.

The exam result dates usually come 30-35 days after appearing for the test. The scores are made available at the Testing History (THx) System.

2012 MCAT Score Release

MCAT Test Dates

MCAT Score Release Dates

January 27, 28

February 28, 28

March 24

April 24

April 5, 13, 28

May 8, 15, 30

May 12, 19, 24, 31

June 12, 19, 26, July 3

June 21

July 24

July 6, 14, 26, 27

August 7, 14, 28,28

August 3, 4, 10, 16, 17, 23

September 5, 5, 11, 18, 18, 25

September 1, 6, 7, 11

October 2, 9, 9,11

What Is the Connection between MCAT Score Release Dates and Med School Admission?

Application deadlines and score submission dates are different for different medical schools. You need to make a thorough enquiry before making your registration. As the MCAT is available 25 times in a year, you have various options for selecting the test date. So, while deciding your test date, make sure that your scores are available in time for submitting to the respective medical schools. For e.g. If you are planning to join a medical school in 2013, then you should take the test in 2012. And don't opt for a very late date like September to avoid last minute confusions. Try to take the test early in the months of April or May which gives you enough time to retake the test if required. Also, different medical schools have different eligibility conditions; you need to inquire about it before applying. AAMC provides details of eligibility conditions of different institutions under MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) database.

Registering for the test at an early date will provide you with the desired test date and location. You can make your advance registration before 60 days. Registration deadlines are available up to 14 days before the test. If you miss the registration deadline you can opt for the late registration, which comes with an additional fee.

AAMC provides three options for your result declaration. Your test scores may be sent to (1) Health Professions Advisor, (2) Medical Minority Applicant Registry and (3) MCAT Recruiting Service. By registering for the test these services are made available to you without any extra charges. If you have applied for AMCAS, then your scores will be automatically sent to you and AMCAS. From AMCAS, the medical schools to which you have applied can view your scores.

The result dates have an important connection with medical school admissions. If you fail to register with the correct test date, then your result date will also be incorrect. This may lead to missing out an important medical school's admission deadline. So, before registering for the test, calculate the result date and know about the admission deadline, this will help in getting better opportunities.

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