MCAT Score Conversion

How are MCAT Scores Converted to Other Scores

MCAT Scores

You need to be aware that the score for each of the sections in MCAT will range from 1 to 15, except for the Writing Section. In this section, the essays will be scored from J to T where the former one is the lowest score and the latter one is the highest score. The writing section is graded twice: once by an individual and the second time by a computerized system. You should know that initially the scores given to each of the sections will be raw scores and these will be converted to a scaled score through the score conversion.

MCAT Score Conversion

When it comes to test score conversion, you will find that there are two scores and these are:

  • Raw score: The raw score is the one that will first be awarded to each of the sections in the test. This score is based on the number of questions you have answered correctly in the three multiple choice sections. For the Writing Section, an alphabetical score is given to the candidate. For the multiple-choice sections, the raw scores will be the reflection of the answers that you have answered correctly. There will be no negative marking for those questions that you did not answer correctly. It is only when all the raw scores are gathered that the same will be converted to a scaled score.

  • Scaled score: Raw scores are converted to scaled scores so that any small variations can be compensated. The scaled scores range from 1 to15 and they serve as a more accurate assessment of a candidate's score.

MCAT Score Conversion Charts

If you would like to find out more about score conversion charts, you will find that there are many preparation courses that will give you a good idea about this. They will have a conversion chart for your reference that you can use. It is best that you get a good course that is conducted by a reputed test preparation institute. This way you will be able to get not just the score conversion chart but you will also be able to study for the test and prepare yourself in the right manner.

Basically, the score conversion chart of MCAT will have two columns. One for the number of questions that the candidate has answered correctly and the other column will be the scaled score. You can find out what your scaled score is by referring to the number of questions you have answered correctly. For instance, if there are 52 questions in one section then the score conversion chart will be as follows:

Scaled score

15 14 13 12 11

Raw Score

43-52 40-42 37-39 35-36 32-34

Do Keep in Mind...

In order to get a high score you need to be prepared for the test properly. You need to practice on a regular basis to ensure that you are doing everything to get a good score. It is recommended that you work on the practice tests and then get scaled scores from the raw scores by referring to the conversion chart. How do you prepare for the tests? You will find that there are many books as well as preparation courses in the market you can consider. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that opting for a preparation course or book published by a well-known publisher will be a better option. Refrain from attending a course that is not popular as it may not be helpful.

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