MCAT Schedule 2012

Where and When Can You Take the MCAT in 2012

Following the computerization of MCAT in 2007, CBT MCAT is now administered more number of times every year and at more test locations around the world. There are 25 administrations of the MCAT exam scheduled for 2012 across US, Canada, and a few international locations, out of which two were in January. Read on to find more about the 2012 MCAT schedule -test locations and dates.

MCAT Schedule 2012-Points to Remember

As in any other year, the schedule for 2012 MCAT is decided considering the application deadlines of participating Medical schools. The schedule spans across late January through early September dates. The registrations are open in two blocks, starting October 2011 for the first block of dates from Jan through May; the second block registrations (for dates from June through September) are not yet open.

  • Late Jan through May dates are recommended for those who wish to take the MCAT exam early enough for various reasons: if you are confident enough, you can take the exam early enough and focus the rest of your time on the Med school admission process. If you think you might need a retake of the exam this year only, it is again better that you choose an early administration date from the test schedule.
  • An early date (from winter through spring) is preferred again, depending on the application deadline of the Medical school you consider.
  • Registrations to individual dates in the schedule are open up to 14 days prior to the actual exam date. For example, the regular registration deadline for the April 13 administration of the exam falls on March 30, 2012. Late registrations are accepted with a late fee up to seven days before the actual date (that is, through April 6, 2012 in this case).
  • Different dates in the test schedule have different test administrations-some dates have only a single administration (either morning or afternoon), while some others have both morning and afternoon administrations. While registering for the 2012 test, you can choose the date and administration based on the availability of a seat. For example, on June 21, 2012, there are two test administrations-morning and afternoon.
  • You can have a maximum of three takes of the test in 2012. However, this is possible only if you take the first exam early enough. For example, if your first appearance is sometime in early September, you do not get another chance in 2012.
  • You can cancel or reschedule an MCAT 2012 registration, if required. However, you need to request for it before the cancelation deadline of the particular test date as available in the test schedule. Rescheduling is possible to another date in 2012 only, but not to the next year.
  • You could change the test location also, provided a seat is available at the new location for the given date.

MCAT Schedule 2012 for US and Canada

The schedule for 2012 MCAT for US and Canada test locations is available at: While registering for the test in the MCAT Registration module, you can see the list of available test dates and test locations; however, a location or date is shown only if a seat is available. If you are planning to take the test in 2012 in Puerto Rico, special instructions are available on the AAMC MCAT website. Please remember to check the same. (

MCAT Schedule 2012 for International Test Centers

As mentioned earlier, MCAT 2012 is administered across different national and international locations, but following two separate schedules. The test schedule for international test locations spans across dates from Jan through May 2012. You could check the international test locations and schedule at:

  • All countries and locations outside the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam are considered international locations.
  • You could search for international locations on the MCAT Testing Center Locations page:
  • For registering for an international location, on the MCAT Registration module, you need to choose the Country option on the Date/Test Site Availability tab, and choose the required location.
  • The registration process and rules are the same for the international administrations as the US and Canada administrations. The regular and late registration dates follow the same 14 day and 7 day deadlines, respectively.
  • The rescheduling and cancelation rules are the same again for international administrations of the 2012 test. However, you need to check the international test schedule and be sure about the availability of test dates. The number of international administrations is less as against the US/Canada administrations.

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