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Writing Sample

This section is the essay writing section. You are asked to write two essays in 60 minutes. You can write a good essay only if you have practiced writing an essay before. Here you are given a statement that represents a view. In the essay you are required to give your view of the statement, its meaning and also explain specific situations given in the statement. You are also asked to describe if you feel that the statement does not hold true in certain conditions.

In a democratic form of government, even a single individual holds the power to bring about a revolution.

You will be required to explain the meaning of the statement in your words. Describe a situation in which an individual can effectively cause a change in the government single handedly. Discuss if you think that an individual is a small entity in front of the huge setup of a government and that democracy is successful only with a majority.

This type of question requires you to give your view about the topic. Thus it is best to try and write as many essays as you get from the practice MCAT questions.

Sources Of MCAT Practice Questions

There are a number of sources from where you can find practice MCAT questions of all sections. You can find many books on MCAT that have question banks.

  1. You have a series of the books called Examkrackers that contain sample questions of different science subjects.
  2. Cracking the MCAT with Practice Questions on CD-ROM by Princeton Review is a popular book for practice.
  3. MCAT Practice Tests, Fourth Edition by Kaplan can also be consulted.

There are various web sites containing as many practice test questions as you want. The official web site,, is the most authentic source that contains complete practice tests as well as sample questions from the practice tests. Other web sites from where you can find more such questions are as follows.

  1. contains sample questions of each section along with the answers.
  2. also contains a number of questions. It also explains why a particular choice of answer is correct or incorrect.
  3. can also give you some practice for the test with its sample questions

Apart from these, if you have joined a coaching class for MCAT practice, you can benefit from the storehouse of practice questions these classes offer.

By now, you will surely know that MCAT is a test where you are not asked straightforward questions based on your knowledge of science. It is a tricky test. It is different from any other test that you have so far experienced. Practice questions help you in giving you an overview of the test so that you get an idea of its nature. That is why you should not neglect practicing from sample questions. Instead, you should try your best to hunt as many as possible and build a strong base before you take the test.

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