MCAT Sample Questions

Sample MCAT questions are a boon for test takers. You don’t want to know anything as much as you want to know what questions could be asked in the test. It is surely not possible to know the exact questions, but you can get a fair idea of the kinds of questions asked in the test with these sample test questions. Thus,  sample questions help in easing off the anxiety to some extent. These sample questions help to give you a picture of MCAT so that you do not find it strange when you take it for the first time.

What Are MCAT Sample Questions?

When you take a test for the first time, you will have only a vague idea of how the test is going to be and what types of questions can be asked.

Nevertheless, when you reappear for the test, you will be more comfortable as you will know what to expect from the test. Your score will increase as you will know how to prepare for the test, but that is done at the cost of taking the whole test again. You can avoid this situation by practicing from sample questions.

Sample MCAT questions are a replica of the real test questions. The questions that you get in the test are set according to a standard pattern and style. These sample questions are also set according to the same standard format. You require the same skills to solve the sample test questions, as you require for the test. In addition, the content of the sample questions is the same as that of the real test. Thus, even though these questions are not real questions that you get for the test, they give you enough practice in the types of questions you could be asked in the test. Therefore, you feel more comfortable taking the test for the first time itself. You will not feel the need of reappearing in the test to increase your score in it, as you would have probably done without the sample test questions.

Types Of Questions

Sample MCAT questions are set according to the pattern of the test. Thus you have sample questions of each of the 4 sections. You have multiple-choice questions as well as the essay type questions. Let us discuss the types of questions asked in each section.

Biological Sciences And Physical Sciences

These two sections consist of questions based on sciences. The number of questions and the types of questions are the same. The only difference in the two sections is that of content.

Both the sections have multiple-choice questions. You have passage-based as well as independent questions. Passage-based questions consist of passages of about 500 words. The passage is taken from a topic of general science and the questions following are all multiple-choice questions. These questions are such that you can find the answers from the passage itself. All you need to do is understand the passage and analyze it according to the question asked. Thus you are tested for your understanding and reasoning. Apart from these, you have independent questions where you are asked direct questions on the subject matter. To answer these you need to know the general facts and concepts as well as common formulas and equations.

If you just read about the types of questions asked in this section you may get an idea of what is asked, but you might still find yourself in a state of bewilderment. This is because you are not sure if you have understood what is required and if you will be able to solve them in the final test. You can clear all your doubts about the questions if you get hold of some sample questions of MCAT.

Verbal Reasoning

This section consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. You are given passages taken from common subjects like humanities, politics, natural sciences, philosophy etc. The questions are asked in context to the given passage.

Sample MCAT questions of Verbal Reasoning help you in sharpening your skills required to answer these questions. You can practice reasoning out the answer from these sample questions. After you have found out the answer, you can look for the solved answers provided to you with the sample questions. This will initiate your thinking process and give you enough practice. These sample test questions also increase your speed and efficiency. You can experiment solving the sample questions with new techniques to handle these questions. Avoid spending too much time over reading the passages. For this you can experiment solving  sample questions by a method known as skimming. Here you can just read through the passage casually and quickly. After reading the questions, you can read that part of the passage properly where you have the mention of the answer. You can try this only with sample test and not in the final test. Once you master the method of skimming, you can apply it in the final test.

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