MCAT Review Courses

MCAT Review Courses Customized for Average Students

MCAT Review Courses Customized for Average Students

Not everybody is born with the same kind of an aptitude. Everyone is unique. We have brought for you the most unique review courses of MCAT that will suit your abilities perfectly. There are many review courses available for MCAT, but it is important to choose the best out of them. The following courses are meant for those students who need extra time and attention to cope with studies and they will be of great use for average performing students.

MCAT Review Courses

1. Kaplan: Kaplan is known to be the oldest and the biggest of the prep institutes offering MCAT courses in the world. It was founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan and it's a giant industry today. It is a company that specializes in almost all forms of higher education. It provides training courses, test prep and other miscellaneous services to students in dire need. Kaplan has specialized MCAT training meant to prepare students at different levels of intensity. Kaplan has a good 35 classroom hours and 16 testing hours at the bottom level. At the next level of Kaplan courses you have 56 classroom hours and 24 testing hours. Hence, it is highly recommended for average students since varying levels of difficulty actually helps them improve the performance. Kaplan has four types of courses for MCAT: classroom courses, one-on-one courses, online courses and live courses. Here is the link to more information on Kaplan courses

2. The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review offers different types of courses in MCAT. They are involved in almost every aspect of test preparation. They offer you quite a number of services such as:

  1. Private Tutoring: This is highly recommended for students who have been performing averagely. The extra attention that you can get out of one-on-one tutoring can work wonders on your scores.
  2. Small Group Instructions: The Princeton Review has initiated many small groups and forums which comprise of students of the same age group and preferably similar testing time which helps them study together at the same time. The strength of this group varies from 4-6 at a time.
  3. MCAT Live Online: They have 2 separate online courses; one which is a live course and one that is an online course in the form of DVDs and CDs. Both these courses are quite beneficial. For those students who don't have access to The Princeton Review centers in their vicinity can opt for a live course which is far more beneficial since it produces a classroom like feel for the students. Apart from these, The Princeton Review provides classroom courses, books and admissions and financial aid seminars. Here is the link to The Princeton Review MCAT courses

3. Oxford Seminars: Oxford Seminars is one of the latest additions to the list of MCAT institutes. It has grown quickly into one of the most lucrative companies in the history of MCAT preparation. It was founded in 1992 with the revolutionary idea of creating more interesting and engaging material for the test. Oxford Seminars is dedicated to teach test logic to students rather than only preparing for the test. They believe in making learning a fun activity for students. It has 80 hours of class time and course content that is carefully designed for students. It has an extensive training session for its instructors. Their classroom session is conducted twice a week and it's so interesting that it makes you want to come back. For more information about Oxford Seminars, refer to the following link

In case you need further information on review courses you should refer to the official website of MCAT. This will be advisable for everyone who is attempting the test to make use of the resources given in the website. For further information you can refer to the following link

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