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7 Things to Consider Before you Register for an MCAT Review Course

Here are 7 factors to consider while choosing an MCAT review course:

1. Course schedule: A very important factor to consider for choosing a review course for MCAT is the course schedule. The course schedule should match with the schedule of the student. The time at which the classes are available is an important factor as you cannot join a class whenever you decide as classes are not available all the time. They have a stipulated schedule and are conducted only on a few days every month or year. If you do not want to miss out on the course of your choice then you must plan at the outset of your test preparation.

2. Length of the course: Every student should consider the time available with them for test preparation. If you are running short of time to prepare for the test, you should avoid a lengthy course.

3. Accessibility: Accessibility is another factor to be considered in choosing a study course. The classes have to be in your locality or available online if you have the facility of studying from the Internet. Do not take-up a review course that is conducted very far from your place as the travel time will eat up on your preparation time.

4. Affordability: This can be considered as the most practical factor in consideration while choosing a study course. A student has to join a class he/she can afford and that gives him/her total value for money. You have to proactively find out about the fees of every course that you are considering and get feedback on its value for money.

5. Self assessment: Before taking a study course, take a mock test to find out your weak points and requirements for the test. Select a course after self-assessment as that will help to better your preparation.

6. Course content: This factor is similar to self assessment wherein you have to match your requirements from a course with the strong points of the course so that you can derive the most out of it. Students should find about the contents of the course before taking them up.

7. Pace: Choose the review course that follows your pace. You should inquire about the structure of the classes and judge whether you can follow the pace of the classes or not. Popular classes that eventually make you more nervous with their methodology are going to be futile for your test preparation.

Review of a few MCAT Review Courses:

1. Gold Standard MCAT:

Gold Standard is an MCAT prep company specializing in prep material for the test. Its website is The courses by Gold Standard are not live courses or full- time classroom courses. They are very unique courses through videos and books and live camps. A few of the courses are: Complete MCAT Book Package for Home Study: A comprehensive MCAT review course by the Gold Standard that includes books, audio MP3, 16 DVDs, flashcards and practice tests.This package is designed especially for the students looking for a self-prep option from home.

Complete MCAT Course - The Platinum Package: This is a review course by the Gold Standard that includes Textbooks, MP3, 17 videos and live online courses. The Gold Standard MCAT Camp: A live course with Dr. Brett Ferdinand, MD that also provides home study material. This is a six- day intense live program that is conducted by the famous Dr. Brett Ferdinand who takes students through all the concepts of the test and sets the students up for success at the test.

2. Kaplan MCAT review course:

Kaplan is a multispecialty test-prep company. The Kaplan MCAT courses are held worldwide and are also available online. The unique point of Kaplan is that they give a lot of course choices along with very well- known publications to study from. Kaplan is famous for a comprehensive understanding of the test. Course options by Kaplan: MCAT on-Demand course: This is an online course available on- demand at any time (day or night) all throughout the week. A very interesting course option by Kaplan. MCAT Classroom Anywhere: This is an online course that is delivered through live instruction held online. MCAT Classroom on-site: Live classroom courses with a live instructor held at various locations. MCAT one-on-one: This is tutorial kind of study course. It includes one-on-one interaction with an expert tutor. The details of every MCAT course by Kaplan can be procured from the website

3. Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers online as well as live review course options for MCAT. From the very elaborate repertoire of course options by the Princeton Review, following are a selected few:

  • Private Tutoring: Private tutoring courses that include 48 hours of live lectures.
  • MCAT Hyperlearning: The course includes practice tests as well as more than 100 hours of instruction.
  • Ultimate MCAT: This is a camp that runs for 6 weeks at various locations and has an exhaustive preparation schedule for the test.

The details of every MCAT course by the Princeton Review can be procured from the website

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