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Verbal Reasoning

This section also consists of passage-based multiple-choice questions. The theme for the passages is taken from common topics like natural sciences, philosophy, history etc. You are asked questions on the passage, the answers of which you can find in the passage itself.

You require to practice these questions during MCAT preparation in order to gain proficiency in them and also to increase your speed. These questions may sound simple but you still need to practice them. This review helps you in increasing your ability to reason out the answer and choose the correct option. Taking a proper review of this section will help you to form your own test-taking strategies. You can try new ways of attempting these questions. For example, you can try to master the technique of skimming where you just give a brief reading to the passage before reading the questions. You can later read the parts of the passage that contain the answer carefully. This is possible only through the preparation review.

Writing Sample

This section consists of 2 essay writing questions. Preparation  covers this section by giving you enough practice and by reinforcing your vocabulary and language skills. A well-written essay fetches you good marks. This study gives you tips on how to write good essays. You can also brush up your grammar during preparation, since your knowledge of grammar helps you to form correct sentences. That is why, for essay writing you need to practice grammar exercises and revise your concepts.

Different Sources Of MCAT Prep Review

MCAT preparation is possible in various ways. It is for you to choose the one that suits you best. You have online review, preparation classes, books and software for MCAT.

Online preparation is possible with the support of various web sites that offer study courses. You can join these courses and also benefit from the online help line. You have instructors with whom you can have live online chat sessions. These online study web sites also offer you enough reference material in order to go through for test practice. There are many web sites that offer study products as well. You can purchase review CDs, books, videos etc. through these web sites which facilitate preparation.

Review classes are coaching classes designed for test preparation. These classes help you in getting an overall view of the subjects along with making you familiar with the pattern, sections, marking scheme etc. of the test. You can benefit from the experiences of the teachers. These classes follow a fixed timetable and syllabus. The syllabus not only contains the subject matter, but also focuses on practicing and reinforcement of the skills.

Books contain the review material in a readable and user-friendly form. Books are a good source of reference and almost every test taker goes for a copy of a sutdy book. This is because we have a general tendency of falling back on a book for support and explanations. However, you should buy a good book after conducting a conscious survey. Go for a book that is written by well-known writers and is recommended by most of the students. You can also look up for customer reviews of the book and get a fair idea of the usefulness of the book.

You may not need to study new subjects to score high in the test, but you surely require reinforcing your knowledge. Only with a proper study can you actually apply your knowledge and see if it is fresh enough for you to take the test or not.

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