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The Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, is a standardized test required to take admission in a medical college in the US or Canada. To pursue medical studies, one needs specific capabilities and aptitude. That is why everyone cannot be given admission in a medical college. The test is thus required to choose the best and deserving candidates out of hundreds of applicants.

Appearing in MCAT is not a day’s job. It is not just a test of your capabilities, but it is a test of your efforts as well. This is where review of MCAT gains importance. With a qualitative review, you not only sharpen your skills, but you also gain confidence. It helps you to be in a better position to take the test. With  review a student is able to get a better score in the test. With proper and focused test study, a student capable of getting an average score can achieve an above average score, while a below average student may get an average score. Thus review should not be ignored and all efforts should be made towards a focused review of the test.

What Is MCAT Review And Why Is It Required?

MCAT review is a revision of the skills that you need in order to appear in the test. It is an overall view and reinforcement of your knowledge. When you get familiar with the test, you will realize that it is not a test that requires you to know any new concepts. In fact, what you have already studied in school is all that is really required. You only need to revise the concepts in the light of the test. The test has a specific structure and specific questions. Thus, the preparation includes the revision of the concepts so that you are able to handle the test questions. It is practicing for the test in order to master the subjects and have control over the test. Studying reinforces your concepts in such a way that you do not forget them by the time you have to take the test. It also helps you to apply your knowledge to the questions specific to the test. You may know the concepts well, but if you are not able to apply them in the test, you will not be able to solve the questions. Your score in the test depends on how well you attempt the test. Your performance in school is not a yardstick of your score in the test. Nor does your score in school add to the MCAT score and guarantee a remarkable performance in the test. You may have done very well in your previous grades, but for MCAT you need to perform on the day of the test. It is possible that you forget the concepts, or you get confused while taking the test. That is why you need to revise your concepts that you have already studied.

Section-Wise MCAT Review

There are four test sections in the MCAT test. These four sections are Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample and Biological Sciences. All these are marked and scored separately, which add up to give you the final test score. That is why studying before the test should cover all the sections completely.

Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences

These two sections test your knowledge of science subjects. You have two types of questions in both the sections. In the first type, you are given passages based on some scientific concept, which is followed by multiple-choice questions. You may not have any knowledge about the concept that the passage explains, but you are required to find out the answer from the passage itself. The second type of question is also multiple-choice type, where you are given direct questions.

Review of MCAT helps you to attempt both the types of questions. In the passage-based questions, you are not required to have any previous knowledge of the subject. Instead, You are required to find out the answer on the basis of your understanding and interpretation of the passage. To answer these questions, you are required to have problem-solving skill and good reasoning abilities. Studying gives you enough practice in such questions so that you get familiar with these questions. When you practice such questions, not only do you come to know what is expected out of them, but you also get practice in solving such questions. It increases your speed and develops problem-solving capacities.

The independent questions are where you are asked direct questions about your knowledge of science subjects. To answer these questions you are required to have basic knowledge of the subject. These questions require you to apply your knowledge in order to reach the correct answer. Thus memorizing and mugging up does not help you as much as thinking and applying your knowledge does. With this review of the test you get a chance to apply your knowledge, and thus you can revise your concepts.

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