MCAT Registration Dates

MCAT Registration Dates and Other Deadlines

The MCAT is conducted by the AAMC for the purpose of assessing the capabilities of the students, who wish to study in a medical school in the USA. It is a standardized test and is conducted all over the USA and in other countries. In this article, you will read about the registration dates of MCAT and other deadlines, which may be relevant to you.

The MCAT is conducted from January to September in a year. It is administered two to four times a month. Registration for the test is generally allowed up to two weeks prior to the test date that you have selected. These are the regular registration dates and the fee is $240. You are allowed to register up to about a week prior to your selected test date. This is known as late registration, and you have to bear an additional charge for this. After your registration is accepted for a particular test date and center, you are permitted to make a change in either of these, by paying a fee. The last date for requesting a change in the test schedule is the same as the last date for the regular registration. This means that you cannot change the date or the center of the test at the time of applying for a late registration. You can use the following link to find out the test dates, and also to register for the MCAT:

How to Register for the MCAT:

1. Select a Date for the Test:

In order to register for the MCAT, the first thing to do is to decide when you want to take the test. You will have to keep certain points in mind while selecting one of the booking dates. You should find out the last date for application to the medical schools of your choice, as you may have to submit your MCAT scores at the time of application. You should also remember that your scores are generally valid for a period of three years. As a general rule, you should take the test around one calendar year earlier to the time you wish to join a medical school. While selecting booking dates, you should also keep in mind how much time it will take to receive your scores. You are allowed to register up to a week or two before the test, and thereafter, it takes about a month for the scores to be released.

If you want to apply for the Fee Assistance Program that is offered by the AAMC, you have to do it before you register for the test. It will take around two weeks for you to receive a response, about whether your application has been accepted or not. If you want to apply for special accommodations for the test, your application must reach the AAMC at least 60 days before one of the regular sign up dates. The AAMC also recommends that you register for the test before you apply for accommodations. A final point to remember while choosing one of the registration dates is how much time you need to prepare for the test.

2. Select a Test Center:

The MCAT is conducted at a large number of test centers, but the number of seats at each center is limited. Hence, if you are interested in getting a particular center, be sure to register early for the test. You can find a test center and the schedule of dates for the test by using this link;

3. Apply for Registration:

To register for the MCAT, you can visit the website and register online. The link you can use is

If you follow these steps, registering for the MCAT should be easy. You can make a checklist of the dates that are of importance to you. If you are careful about the relevant details, you should have no trouble in booking for the test.