MCAT Registration 2012

MCAT Registration Deadlines for 2012

Having a competitive and valid MCAT score is a must if you are seeking admission to almost all the Medical schools in the United States and Canada. And, it requires systematic planning, study, and hard work for you to succeed. However, equally important is that you learn everything possible about the exam and register yourself on time so as not to miss any deadlines or spoil a chance. MCAT registration rules and deadlines are quite strict! Here is all you need to know about the registration for 2012 MCAT.

When to Register for MCAT?

You are required to take the MCAT exam in the same year in which you plan to apply for Medical school admission. Ever since the test became computer-based in 2007, there are more administrations every year from late January to early September, across multiple test centers including international locations. For 2012, there are 25 administrations of the exam scheduled. Registrations are open in two batches-the first batch for the late January to May schedule and the second batch for the June to early September administrations. Accordingly, you can register in the previous year only, if you are planning to take a winter or spring administration.

Pointers to MCAT Registration

Registration can only be done online using the MCAT Registration module at You could use your AAMC credentials to log in to the  registration module.

  • While registering, you need to provide your contact details, background information, etc. and choose a date and location from the list shown.
  • Payment should be made while registering, and your seat is not confirmed unless the payment is successful.
  • Early registrations (prior to 60 days of the test administration date) are recommended by AAMC, as this could ensure you get the preferred date and location. For example, the registration for 2012 test started on October 12, 2011 for the late Jan through May administrations.
  • Late registration (with late fee) allows for last minute decisions-you could register up to seven days before the test administration date.

MCAT Registration 2012

For this year, two administrations of the test are already completed on 27th and 28th of January for US and Canada. The next one is scheduled on 24th March, as a morning administration. The registration for 2012 MCAT schedule, time, deadlines, and score release dates for US and Canada are available at the following web locations:

Here are the important dates and deadlines for 2012 MCAT registration:

  • Initial registrations for 2012 started on October 12, 2011, almost three and a half months prior to the first test administration date (January 27, 2012).
  • Registration for 2012 test is now open for all the remaining first batch test administrations through May 2012.
  • Registration for all the second batch administrations (June through September 2012) are not open yet. You need to wait to register, if you are planning to take the exam sometime between June and September 2012. However, the exam dates and the registration deadlines are fixed.
  • Regular registration for each of the administrations closes 14 days prior to the test administration date. That is, for the August 23rd administration of the exam, regular registrations close on August 9, 2012.
  • Late registrations close seven days prior to the test administration date. For example, for the April 23rd administration of the test, the late registration deadline is August 16, 2012.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of any registered exam can be done up to 14 days before the actual test administration date (by 11:59 p.m. ET). That is, if you need to cancel/reschedule the March 24th exam administration, to which you have already registered, you can cancel it up to March 10, 2012. However, if you need to reschedule it to another date in June 2012 or later, you need to cancel it before the cancellation deadline and then wait for the next batch registrations to open, as of now.
  • Rescheduling of 2012 registration to a date in 2013 is not possible. Rescheduling is allowed within the same calendar year only.
  • For 2012 test dates, you do not get the waitlist option for a particular test administration.
  • 2012 test schedule for international administrations are available at:
  • As always, the 2012 booking deadlines are very strict-despite the day the fall. For example even if a registration deadline falls on a Sunday or a National Holiday, the deadline remains the same.

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