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Biological Sciences Section

The questions of MCAT asked in the Biological Sciences section are similar in format to those asked in the Physical Sciences section. You will be presented with a total of 52 test questions that have to be answered in 70 minutes. The content tested by the questions of this section pertains to the subject areas of Biology and Organic Chemistry. You can expect the questions of this section to test your knowledge of these subjects up to the level which would have been taught to you during your undergraduate studies.

As in the Physical Sciences section, you will be presented with about 8 passages in the Biological Sciences section too. Each of these passages will be followed by a set of questions with multiple choice answers. The questions asked will be related to the information given in the preceding passage. You will also have to answer about 10 independent questions. The questions of this section are framed in such a way that along with testing your problem solving skills they assess your familiarity of the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry and Biology.

Sample MCAT test questions

The MCAT is intended to evaluate the potential of an applicant as a prospective medical student; therefore, the questions are framed accordingly. In order to do well in the test, good knowledge of the content taught to you during your undergraduate studies may not be sufficient. You will need adequate practice of sample questions in order to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. You will have to develop the problem solving skills which are an inherent part of the testing process. Adequate practice of sample test questions will ensure that you are prepared to take on the test with confidence.

Sample questions are easily available in the market, both in bookstores and on the internet. You should visit the official web site, for all details regarding the questions. This web site offers sample questions as well. You should make an endeavor to go through the samples given in the official web site as these will be more similar to the actual questions as compared to any other sample test questions available in the market. If you are planning to join a test preparation institute, then you need not look around for sample questions as these will be a part of your preparation course curriculum.

Even though the samples will assist you in giving you a fair idea of the format of the actual questions, it will be a better idea to take complete practice tests once you are midway through your preparation. This is because the practice tests will help you refine your time management skills that are required for completing the test on time. The complete practice tests are also available at bookstores and on the internet. The web site of Kaplan, will give you access to practice tests. The official web site also contains a free practice test in addition to others that can be bought at a nominal price. Log on to to take a look at the study books, inclusive of practice tests, available for preparation.

The sample questions and the practice tests will succeed in giving you adequate practice in preparing for the test, but do not forget that all this practice will go in vain if your knowledge of the fundamentals of Science subjects and English language is poor. Therefore, extensive review of the content tested by the MCAT is a must before you start practicing sample questions.

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