MCAT Princeton

Why Do Students Prefer Princeton Review for MCAT

Princeton Review is one of the biggest names in the MCAT preparation field today. While the branding itself is a great factor attributing to the popularity of Princeton programs, the MCAT Princeton programs are highly popular more because of the levels and kinds of flexibility they offer. Princeton Review aims to provide programs that suit the requirements of each individual applicant, and thus offers an impressive range of programs to choose from.

MCAT Princeton Highlights

For those who prefer to join a formal review program, here is the exclusive Princeton programs' list:

  • Private Tutoring: Individual classes or one-to-one tutoring sessions (a total of 48 hours of classes) with dedicated tutors are offered to help you achieve a higher score. These courses are available right in your locality and are highly customized and flexible in nature. The program includes 19 full-length practice tests and comprehensive materials to review and study.

  • Small Group Instruction: Providing classroom instructions to groups of four is a great way to mix the benefits of individual tutoring with that of traditional group teaching. This ensures individual attention and focus to each of the students, while retaining a classroom atmosphere featuring collaborative values. The program also includes 19 full-length practice tests and a comprehensive set of materials to review and study.

  • MCAT Hyperlearning: Being one of the most comprehensive and intensive Princeton review programs around, this one is a classroom-based, group instruction program that features 105 hours of intense coaching. 20+ hours for individualized extra help sessions and 22.5 hours of classes for verbal reasoning are other key characteristics of this program, in addition to 19 full-length practice tests, and a full set of comprehensive study materials.

  • MCAT LiveOnline: This is the online version of the intensive Hyperlearning program from Princeton Review, and comes with all the features of the classroom-based program.

  • MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline: It has a 15-hour online program dedicated to train you on critical reading techniques.This Princeton test review program features the services of premier verbal reasoning instructors from Princeton Review and is designed to secure you a high Verbal Reasoning score for the test.

  • Summer intensive sessions: The Princeton test offers two summer intensive sessions of six-week duration each. This is a great opportunity, especially for those who cannot join a regular program for various reasons.

For those who prefer to do it all on their own, Princeton Review brings some of the most popular exam titles from their publishing division. Here is a partial list of some of the Princeton publications:

  • Cracking the MCAT
  • MCAT Biology Review
  • MCAT Elite
  • MCAT General Chemistry Review
  • MCAT Physics and Math Review
  • MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review
  • MCAT Workout
  • Medical School Essays that Made a Difference, 3rd Edition

In general, the Princeton website offers a lot of useful information on the test, in addition to free practice tests. These include test overview, test timelines, information about test events in and around your locality, etc.

What makes you choose Princeton Review?

To summarize, the Princeton has many positives that individual students look for:

  • Comprehensive study materials and quite a high number of practice tests are part of all review programs, while flexibility and customization options are entwined into all of them.
  • Along with comes, one of the most widely accepted strengths of Princeton Review programs-the in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise of the Princeton faculty. Princeton Review selects its instructors after testing their subject knowledge thoroughly and then trains them rigorously, before they start working with you.

  • Summer intensive programs let you take the Princeton Review advantage, even when you cannot join a regular review program.

  • The Princeton Review guarantee is available for most of the programs to ensure you score high.

  • Competitive pricing and timelines make Princeton at par with or even better than some of its competitors.