MCAT Price

What does the MCAT Cost and Tips to Afford It?

Taking the MCAT test is not an easy task. The fee for the test is definitely high for most students. Before registering, you must be aware of the important details related to the price and the tips to afford the test fees. Your registration and test experience with respect to the exam will be smooth only if your financial condition is good enough to manage the test fees, medical school application fee and preparation cost. This article helps you to know a few of the important things the price and the tips to afford it.

How much does the MCAT Cost?

The MCAT test requires a fixed fee that will be notified in the official website of the AAMC. The fee may vary every year. In general, the price of the exam lies between $210 and $255 for regular registration. There are also additional or extra costs associated with taking the exam. You will have to pay an extra amount of $80 for testing at an International site. You will have to pay an extra amount of $70 for late registration and test date rescheduling and test location rescheduling.

Note that the additional costs are required only if you have registered for the test before the deadline, if you want to reschedule the selected test date or test location, or if you want to choose an international test site.

The money you need to spend on taking some valuable preparation courses can also be considered as a cost involved in the test. However, this can be overcome if you choose a sincere self-study plan using carefully selected free test materials, books and e-guides.

Tips to Afford the MCAT Cost

If you feel that you require financial support to pay for the test, look up the AAMC's Fee Assistance Program (FAP) website to apply for financial assistance:

If you are eligible for the FAP, you can reduce the fee to about one third of the regular registration fee. For applying to the FAP, you must be an asylum/refugee status permanent U.S citizen. The FAP will be applicable only if you register for the test during the regular registration period. For other conditions required to apply for the FAP, refer to the above-mentioned website of the AAMC. In case you are eligible for the FAP, you should get the approval from the FAP before registering for the exam.

Tips to Reduce the MCAT Cost

If you aspire to join a medical school in the U.S, it is necessary to take up the test. If you are financially good, you can definitely afford the registration cost. However, if your financial situation is not up to the mark, try for the FAP. If you become eligible for the FAP, register for the test as per the rules of the FAP to avail the test price reduction benefits.

You can avoid the extra costs that are involved in the test, whether you avail or are eligible for the FAP or not. A few tips to avoid the additional price required for the test other than the regular registration or examination fee are as follows:

  • Register for the test as early as possible before the deadline so that you can avoid the late registration fee.
  • When registering for the test, carefully choose the test date and test center that are ideal for you in terms of all aspects so that you can avoid the test-date rescheduling fee and test-location rescheduling fee.
  • Choose a local or inter-state test site so that you can avoid the international testing site fee.
  • Prepare for the exam through self-study using free study materials of good quality. You can also use the study materials and books of your friends or relatives who have appeared for the exam. In this way, you can avoid the price associated with joining a preparation course as well as the costs associated with buying expensive study materials.

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