MCAT Preparation Materials

MCAT Preparation Materials by the Best Test Prep Companies

Education market is filled with test preparation companies offering the courses for MCAT, tutoring, books, software and so on. It is up to you to decide what type of test preparation is required for you. Some of the best test preparation companies are The Princeton Review, Kaplan Test Prep, Examkrackers, Prep 101 etc. These companies provide the best preparation materials, which are available as a part of their course. These  companies claim to provide customized test aids that have been designed to meet your learning style, schedule, requirement and budget.

There are some other test companies which provide only the preparation materials; there is no need for you to join their courses. You can directly access those materials by paying the required amount.

All the test preparation companies guarantee of providing a better score after studying their  materials. In case you plan to join a course provided by the companies, then apart from getting the prep materials, you will be guided by an expert instructor.

MCAT Preparation Materials by the Best Test Prep Companies

Nova Press-Test Prep Center ( )

They provide a set of Nova's Essential MCAT Trilogy which consists of The MCAT Physics, MCAT Chemistry and MCAT Biology books. The books are written in a simple and easy to understand language. The concepts are very well presented, thus helping you to understand them better, rather than memorizing them. The concepts are supported by their logical explanations, which helps in easy understanding of the topic. Illustrations are included where ever required; this helps in making a difficult concept easy. These aids contain practice problems and full-length practice tests.

The Kabir Academy Method (

The prep materials offered by the institute are created after a careful study. The concepts are explained using simple language that it can be understood by anyone.  It masters you with the ability to select the best answer from the given choices, thus increasing your test score. It also builds up in you strategies that you need to use when you are running out of time on the test day. All the preparation materials come as a part of the course, with no extra fees, other than the course fee. Kabir Academy Thinking Guides- It includes the collection of all the science fundamentals that are tested in the MCAT for all the subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It also provides emergency tips that are needed while taking the Physical and Biological Sciences section. The explanations are simple, such that even a person without science background can understand the concepts. It also includes:

  • MCAT Test-Taking Strategy Review
  • Introductory Science Tutorial I (Skills to Master)
  • Introductory Science Tutorial II (Facts to Memorize)
  • Introductory Science Tutorial III (Optional Info)
  • Final Fundamental Exam (With Solutions)

Apart from these they also provide with Equations Clairvoyance which uses a new method for teaching the equations included in the test. Fundamental Fluency provides a work-out program that helps the candidate to master every science fundamental before taking the test. Verbal Virtuoso is an interactive workbook that equips the reader with the most effective and efficient verbal techniques. This book can be purchased online from

Prep 101 test prep ( - It provides the best customized  aids for MCAT that you need for excelling in the test. Their function is similar to that of an expert instructor, thus you can imagine the quality of the preparation materials provided. Master the MCAT provides you with all the information that you need to know about the test. The concepts are explained very clearly and the problems are solved using a step-by-step manner, so that it can be understood easily. Preparation materials are available in the form of Study-guides for Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample section.

Each topic is explained properly in the class with the help of Classroom Companions like:

  • Fill-in-the-blank exercises
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Fully worked examples
  • Stand-alone practice questions
  • 30-minute In-Class Exam

It also provides a Home Study Kit that includes 5716 practice questions that can be practiced at home along with 1375 practice questions available in the Study-guides. It also includes 8 official AAMC MCATs along with 1001 questions that cover each topic of the test.

Plenty of study aids are available in the market; it is up to you to decide the best one suitable for you.