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MCAT Preparation Study Materials

Your MCAT preparation is incomplete without a collection of good study materials. Apart from your college study books, you should select a preparation guide that will provide you with invaluable guidance and practice during the course of your preparation. Look for a guide that contains adequate practice tests, as it is essential for you to include as many practice tests in your test preparation as possible. Go to to look for the guide that meets your requirements. You can buy a suitable  guide from this web site after going through the student reviews on each preparation guide. These reviews will give you an idea of the utility of a particular  book for your  preparation. You may even discuss with students who are taking or have already taken the test to identify suitable study materials for your preparation.

Search the internet for web sites that contain guidance for preparation. The most useful web site for this purpose would be the official web site of the test,, which provides genuine information on the test format and preparation. Keep a list of such web sites ready, as you may have to refer to them frequently during your studies.

MCAT Preparation Routine

Irrespective of whether you are taking a  course or not, you have to chalk out a meticulous and dedicated test preparation routine and stick to it. If you are not attending a course then you may have to put in more effort into your test preparation to compensate for the loss of guidance and support that you would have received if you had been attending one. Identify your weak subject areas and dedicate more time for improving in those areas. Take practice tests regularly as these will help you gain practice in problem solving, answering all the questions asked within the given time frame and assessment of the progress that you are making as a result of studying.

Your studies should ideally start at least three months before the test date. Start at a comfortable pace which can quicken as the test date approaches. Keep the last couple of weeks before the test date for revision. Do not leave any topic untouched. Remember that there is a lot of competition for securing admissions to reputed medical college programs and every correct answer counts. Even if you are attending a  course, keep aside some hours daily for your study. Simply attending  classes and doing the assignments given by your teachers at the test prep institute will not suffice. You will have to carry out extensive review of the content tested by the MCAT if you want to be able to recall all the basic concepts, rules and formulae while taking the test. Even the finest quality of study materials and preparation courses cannot ensure success in the test unless you put in your best in preparing for the test.

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