MCAT Prep Course guide

MCAT Prep Course guide

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a test of the abilities, knowledge and skills that are essential for doing well in the fields of medicine and health related studies. Therefore, the medical college admission committees lay a great deal of emphasis on high scores while considering candidates for admissions to programs of study offered by them. The test is developed and administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) at test centers located in the US, Canada and other countries. Most of the medical institutions across the United States and Canada require the exam scores to be submitted along with the application forms for admissions. Therefore, there is a need to get hold of a preparation  guide that will help you to prepare yourself for taking the test.

There is a lot of competition for securing admissions to reputed medical college programs. The medical college admission committees consider your scores along with your college GPA and other criteria like your essays and letters of recommendation for evaluating your suitability for admission. Average scores can be compensated by an exceptionally high college GPA, but if you have an average college GPA, then you may have to do exceedingly well in the test in order to be considered for admission by the college admission committees.

However, students who have low scores may face a problem because a number of the medical college admission committees set a cut off score and students who have scores lower than the cut off score are not considered for admission at all. This calls for studying from a preparation guide that will provide you with information related to registering for the best available course so that your chances of doing well in the test increase manifold.

Preparing for the MCAT

Here is some information that can be termed as a guide as it will help you in making the correct choice as far as a  preparation course is concerned. The test consists of the Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample and the Biological Sciences sections. Your score report contains the scores of the individual sections in addition to the total score. It is important for you to do equally well in all the sections of the test, therefore you should be thorough with all aspects of the content tested by the test. This calls for a meticulous and well planned preparation schedule. You need to be well prepared for taking the test if you want to attain high scores in it. A number of students carry out self-study, however if you are not confident of your knowledge of the basics of the science subjects and English language then it would be advisable to go in for a  course. Most students prefer to carry out their studies with the assistance of courses.

The test preparation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. The people in test preparation business go all out to make their institutes the most sought after institutes as far as the student community is concerned. The institutes and companies that conduct test preparation courses leave no stone unturned in their attempt to disseminate information about the courses offered by them. There is a lot of competition among rival test preparation institutes for earning a good name and reputation among students preparing for various tests.

The student community stands to gain the most from the competition among institutes. You have a vast array of study courses to choose from. You can select a suitable institute from the list of such institutes available in your locality. You have the option of registering for an online study course or a regular prep course. You may even choose to attend private and small group tutoring if you find that regular courses do not suit your requirements. Most test preparation institutes also offer fast track courses for those of you who are not able to take out sufficient time for a full-fledged preparation course. Look for a guide that is provided by the test preparation institutes. Such a course guide will help you to study the types of preparation courses being offered by the institute and to choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

MCAT Prep Course

Here is a  guide for MCAT that will help you in choosing a good preparation course:

Before enrolling for a course, ascertain the reputation of the institute. This is a very important aspect of your  preparation. If you are taking a  course from a nondescript institute, you may end up gaining nothing from all the effort and money that you've pumped in the  course. The reason being that in order to gain the most from a course, it is absolutely necessary that the level of guidance and training imparted as a part of the course curriculum is of the highest possible order. For this it is necessary that the teachers employed by the institute are highly qualified and skilled. If they are experienced and knowledgeable, only then will they be able to help you in your studies. In addition to the above, the quality of the study material provided to the students attending the preparation course should be very good.

You can ascertain the reputation of an institute by carrying out detailed discussions with students who have attended the  courses conducted by that particular test preparation institute. Keep abreast of the latest developments in the test prep industry by reading newspapers and surfing the net. A good  course will be very helpful in refining your skills that are tested by this test in addition to providing assistance for carrying out extensive review of the content tested by the MCAT.

Kaplan is one of the well known names in the test preparation industry. It has years of experience in training students for taking various tests. Kaplan conducts various preparation courses for students who are preparing for the test. Visit their web site at for all details regarding the courses that they offer. Kaplan offers courses at a number of their Kaplan centers. You can choose from a large variety of courses offered. You can choose to take a full course or you may take one that will only work on refining your knowledge and skills on one of the subjects tested by the test. This is helpful for those students who are weak in a specific subject area of the content tested by the MCAT.

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