MCAT Prep Book

How to Select an MCAT Prep Book?

The medical school admission in the US is mainly based on your MCAT score. Hence, it is not wise to get an average score or a below-average score if you are expecting to enter into one of the best medical schools. It is actually not a difficult task to get a very good test score if you prepare well for the test.

It is better to start the preparation at least three to six months before the date for which you have registered for the test. You can prepare for the test either through self-study or through a professional guidance. Whatever may be your choice, the preparation book and materials you use matters a lot. The quality of the study books is very important to make an effective preparation.

Tips to Choose an MCAT Preparation Book

It will be very easy to choose a good preparatory book for MCAT if you browse through the Internet. Check whether the book you choose covers all the essential sections that are needed to prepare for the test, if you need a complete study program. You can also choose a study book that covers a single section of the test, in case you need to master that section. If you have decided to join a good professional MCAT course, you need not worry. The company offering you the course will definitely provide one of the best study books for the test. However, if you want to use the self-study approach, make sure that you buy a preparatory book of good quality.

There are numerous MCAT preparation books available in the market. Some of them may be really worth and some may not be. Hence, it is better to know a general idea of the best preparation books so that you can buy one that fits your budget and needs.

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 2nd Edition

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive book that is recommended by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This book includes information on everything needed for preparation. The book contains 140 real MCAT exam questions and answers, writing sample prompts, essential information about registration and other details, and more tips for getting high scores.

Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review Book

Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review is a complete preparatory book including reviews of all the four major subject areas of the test. The information provided in the book are organized well, and is easy to understand. The book also teaches you about the effective test-taking strategies. This is definitely a good review book that is worthy to read at least few weeks before your test.

Kaplan MCAT Review: Complete 5-Book Series

Kaplan MCAT Review: Complete 5-Book Series is a comprehensive preparatory book which when studied thoroughly gives the result of having completed a Kaplan's MCAT classroom course. The book covers a comprehensive review of all the subject areas, Verbal Reasoning and essays required for the test. The book is very easy to follow and understand. It includes over 1500 practice questions, and many useful tips and suggestions to improve your score in the test.

The MCAT preparation books of other professional companies such as Examkrackers and Princeton Review are also good. Whatever may be the preparation book you buy, make sure to study sincerely, and practice many previous years' test papers. However, remember that a good study book can make your preparation interesting as well as useful. As far as possible, make sure to buy the best study guide, plan a perfect study schedule, and prepare well.