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MCAT Prep Options From Prep 101

The MCAT test is taken by students who wish to make applications to medical school. The test screens a student's ability of writing, thinking and answering questions through application of their knowledge of science. It basically tests students for competencies required to take up further studies in the field of medicine. Test takers that take the test have to answer multiple choice questions in the sections of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Verbal Reasoning. The test also has a Writing Sample section in which a test taker has to complete writing tasks. A detailed break up about the sections and what they contain is available on the official website at

MCAT Prep 101 provides an array of coaching solutions that suit every test taker's preparation requirements. This means that a student can pick an MCAT Prep 101 course that allows him to prepare for the exam without hampering his daily schedule. This classroom course provides solutions like online courses, self-study guides, classroom prep courses as well as dedicated mock tests. Below are some of the available MCAT prep options from Prep 101.

  • MCAT Classroom Prep Course The MCAT Prep 101 classroom course thoroughly prepares a student for the test. It features a whole 108 hours of classroom instruction. This means that a test taker will know everything he ought to about the test. The course also provides 8 simulated MCAT tests. This ensures that a test taker studies, as well as tests himself prior to the actual test. Mock testing results in awareness of weaker subject areas and allows rectification of future mistakes. This course gives you the liberty to decide if you would like to take the course on weeknights or over the weekends. You can also opt for both if it suits your schedule. The course also includes 31 in-class exams, access to an online knowledge base, study guides and reviews for your essays. To read more about this course visit

  • How the Course is Conducted The course is broken down into 54, two-hour sessions. Each session is designed to teach, test and improve your skills for the test. This course devotes one hour to teaching you a concept, followed by a 30-minute test and a review for the test which lasts another 30 minutes. This means that each session has a workshop and hence the test takers are constantly revising new and old concepts which keeps them thoroughly prepared for the test. A comprehensive break-up of the subjects as well as their content for this course is available at

  • How You Should Take Advantage of the Course The classroom course provides you with all the reference and study material you will require to prepare for the test. This means that you can prepare and study for the test even outside the classroom. Make use of the time you have before you attend a particular session. Read about the subject or concept from the study-guide you receive from this course. This will prepare you for the classroom session. You can also buy MCAT Prep 101 preparation guides if you do not want to sign up for classroom courses for the test. To read more information about study guides visit

The company is revising its online courses and is expected to begin in the year 2013. If this classroom course is not available in your location you can choose to settle for a study-at-home kit. You can also use MCAT Prep 101 study guides which are available for every section of the test as well as for targeted learning. Your MCAT score will depend upon how well you have prepared for the test and hence you should take no chances and always stick with the best prep material.