MCAT Practice Book

How to Select an MCAT Practice Book for Your Special Needs

Books are very important for MCAT preparation. There are many practice books available. Some of these books cover all the sections of the test, namely the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and the Writing Sample. There are some books available with materials on only one or on a few of the sections. These books can be purchased and used if you feel that special attention or preparation is required for that section. Some may be good at one subject and not very good at another subject. In such a case, special attention and more hard work has to be put in for the subject we are weak at. For this special need, MCAT books with specific subject materials are available. These books a can be used for mastering the subject.

Physical Sciences Books

  • 1001 Questions in MCAT Physics from ExamKrackers This practice book is published by Examkrackers and is one of the very effective MCAT books available in the market today. As the name suggests this book has 1001 physics questions that are fully annotated. The questions are in the test's format and vary in the difficulty level from very easy to very difficult. All the topics that may be questioned in the test are covered in this book.

  • MCAT Physics and Math Review from Princeton Review The individual subject books in the Princeton Review series contain in-depth coverage of the various topics covered in the test. In this Physics and Maths review color illustrations for better understanding have been added. Problem solving methods with step-by-step working of the questions is also given. Summary for each chapter is included at the end of each chapter. This practice book also includes a complete glossary of the physics terms and a summary sheet of the formulae and physics constants

  • MCAT General Chemistry Review from Princeton Review This book from Princeton Review is very useful for those who find chemistry to be a difficult subject. This is a general chemistry book and it gives full-color illustrations, charts and diagrams. General chemistry questions with step-by-step- working of the answers are given in detail. After each chapter there is a chapter review with quizzes and answers. Like MCAT passages practice passages are also given in this book.

Biological Sciences Books

  • 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology from ExamKrackers This book contains 101 biology passages and 1001 questions from these passages. The passages are similar to the real test passages.

  • MCAT Organic Chemistry Review from Princeton Review This book is similar to the physics and chemistry review books from Princeton Review with biology topics.

Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample Books

  • 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning from ExamKrackers This review book, as the name suggests, has 101 passages for the Verbal Reasoning section of the test. The passages are very similar to the real test passages with the intended ambiguity. Only after understanding the passage you will be able to answer the questions. This is the salient feature of any Verbal Reasoning passage of the test. The book gives the right answer with explanations.

  • MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review from Princeton Review This book from Princeton Review will help you master the Verbal reasoning and Writing Sample sections of the test. The book gives the strategies you can use to analyze and answer the Verbal Reasoning passages. For the Writing Sample section, the book gives you tips on how to develop and present clear ideas. How to structure your essay is given in detail in the book.

Practice Tests

Practice test books are the most important practice books of MCAT. With every practice test you take, chances of getting a higher score increases.

  • MCAT Workout from Princeton Review This practice book gives separate practice chapters for the different subjects (biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, verbal reasoning and writing sample), tested in the MCAT with detailed explanations for the answers. It also includes 2 online practice tests.

  • MCAT Practice Tests from Kaplan This book features 2 full-length practice tests. It also gives answers to all the questions with detailed explanations. There are 6 chapters of strategies for each of the section of the test.

The above are few of the practice books of MCAT that cover specific sections or subjects of the test. All of these books are available online at Both used and new books are available.