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Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences

These are the first and the last sections to appear in the test. These two sections of the test deal with science subjects. You have multiple-choice questions in both the sections. Some questions are direct and some are based on a given passage. These passages are based on general science and you are asked questions on the information given in the passage. Thus, it tests your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Practice for these sections requires you to lay emphasis on understanding the underlying concept rather than mugging up scientific facts. Thus, you should not waste your time on unnecessary learning, but you should solve practice questions in order to get an idea of the types of questions asked.

While undertaking practice of the passage-based questions, you should try to reason out the answer from the given passage. Once you solve these sample test questions, only then will you understand the requirement as well as the difficulty level of the test. You will realize that solving these sections is all about practicing, and little about memorizing.

For direct questions, you should recall the equations and formulas that you have so far learnt in school. In the time you have for preparation, you should practice these formulas so that you do not forget them with time.

Verbal Reasoning

This section comprises of passage based multiple-choice questions. It is simple comprehension that you must have come across a number of times by now. Nevertheless, that does not excuse you from practicing for them. You need to practice critically reading the passage as well as grammar exercises. Practice for Verbal Reasoning requires you to solve as many passage based questions as you can. You should also practice learning difficult words and increase your vocabulary.

You should practice solving these questions by timing yourself up. Reading and understanding passages can take a long time, but in a time bound test you must be quick in order to complete the test. You can increase your speed in this section only by practice. In order to save time in reading the passage, you can try the method of skimming. Give a brief look to the passage to find out the crux, and come back to the portion where you can find out the answer after reading the questions. You can master this method only by good test practice of the same.

Writing Sample

This section consists of two essay-writing questions. The best way to practice for essay writing is by picking up a topic and writing down your thoughts about it. You can make an essay impressive by supporting your view with enough examples and reason. You must practice writing a logically connected essay with a proper beginning and a conclusion. You can improve your expression only by practicing reading as well as writing.

This section also requires you to practice grammar exercises. You can practice these grammar exercises on a regular basis so that the concepts get fixed in your mind.

There is no magic wand that you can wave in order to score high in the test. You do not have a choice but to choose the longer way. Hard work is the only tool left in your hands in order to reach your goal. With practice, you not only prepare well for the test but also gain confidence to face it. Thus, you will realize that it is only practice that you require to master all skills. Once you master the skills of MCAT, it does not remain invincible anymore.

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