Practice is a rehearsal for the final test where you engage in repeated study of the concepts in order to fix them in your memory. Practicing for MCAT is also an activity that involves a similar behavior. It is a schedule where sessions of repeated exercises are performed so that you master each skill required for the test. It is a tool that gives you a chance of experiencing the skills and techniques required for the test. With the experience gained by  practice, you get a chance to improve and learn more.

Practice is very essential to reinforce the concepts in your mind. The subject matter for MCAT may not be something new for you. That means the syllabus for the test includes most of the skills that you have already acquired in school. Nevertheless, unless you revise those skills they are bound to fade away. Any concept remains fresh in the mind only if you have recently gone through it and if you have had enough practice of the same. Thus practice helps in maintaining your knowledge and skills so that you do not get out of practice for the same.


The best way of preparing for the test is by practicing for it. The effectiveness of prep can be judged by seeing how one improves with it. Your improvement is determined by the quality as well as amount of practice done for the test.

The quality of preparation is one of the factors that determine your improvement. Therefore, concentration is considered important in order to bring in quality to your work. Without concentration, your efforts are a waste and the harmony between your mind and the activity is lost. All that you study does not get registered in the memory and results in nothing but a waste of time. Thus, practicing for MCAT is not just repeated rehearsal of the concepts and skills, but it is a mindful and conscious effort towards acquiring mastery over the subject.

Your improvement also depends on the frequency of practice. The more you practice, the better it is. Learning becomes faster. As many times you practice for the test, it helps you to reinforce the concepts in your mind and you do not tend to forget them. How much practice one needs in a particular area depends on the difficulty level as well as the ability of the student.

The effectiveness of preparation can be seen in the final score of the test. With proper practice, you are sure to increase your score in the test. You can judge your performance by taking sample tests. You can note down your score by taking a sample test before and one after preparation. You will definitely find the difference in the two scores. After  practice, your score is bound to go up. This way you can check for yourself how effective test preparation proves for you. The more you practice the higher the score will be.


It is always better to start early to prepare for MCAT. If you start early you will get enough time for studying for the test. Preparation for the test takes up to 3 months. Some students may take more time to cover all the topics required to study for the test. In fact, if you think of it, preparation really begins much earlier. All the concepts and skills that you require for the test are based on your studies in school. Thus if you have done well in school, all you need to do is devote time for practice. Thus, the time you have before the test should basically be spent on practicing and revising your skills.

Practice for the test should be included in your daily routine. You must make it a habit to practice some questions daily. Not only will a daily drill give you enough practice, you will also come to know about your mistakes well in time. That means you will have enough time to correct your mistakes if you identify them early.

To prepare for MCAT you just need to understand the concepts. Do not mug up the facts. MCAT is more a test of your understanding than your knowledge. Therefore, you should concentrate more on understanding what you have read than learning it by heart.

In case you feel that you are not able to manage the demanding routine required for practicing for MCAT and its syllabus, you can take help from other sources. There are many sources that offer you special courses designed to give you practice for the test. You can join coaching classes, online programs, tutorials etc. All these methods help you by giving you practice through sample questions, mock tests etc. You can follow the guidelines of these sources, which is enough for the preparation required for the test.


You have four different sections in MCAT. You should understand the requirements of these sections separately so that you know how to prepare for them.

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