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The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is the first step to be taken in order to establish a successful career in the world of medicine. The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) is responsible for developing and administering the test. Numerous medical colleges across the US and Canada require the test scores for the evaluation of suitability of candidates for admission to programs of medical and health studies offered by them.

MCAT Online Registration

You can log on to the MCAT’s official web site, for online registration. You can also access the webpage for registration by directly typing in your internet browser’s window. You should make an endeavor to go through the entire contents of the official web site before you go in for the online registration. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the various policies, rules and regulations enforced by the AAMC for the conduct of the test.

A major advantage of the online registration procedure is that you can check the availability of the test centers on your desired test dates instantly. If you have any queries while carrying out online registration, you can fall back to some other webpage of the official web site for clarifying your doubts.

MCAT Online Guidance

The internet is a boon for all those of you who are keen on preparing for the test without the assistance of a preparation course. If you are carrying out your test preparation by self study then do not be disheartened by the fact that you'll miss out on all the expert guidance imparted as a part of the preparation course curriculum. The internet is an enormous resource for expert online guidance. There are numerous web sites that give you vast information related to the test. You can use the internet for finding answers to all your queries regarding your preparation, study books, online courses and the test's format.

Among all the web sites available for guidance on test preparation, the best is, the official web site of the test. You can log on to this web site for authentic information on the test's format, online registration, online courses, preparation and scheduling of test dates. You can download the MCAT Essentials from this web site absolutely free of cost. This document should be read by you before registering for the test and you will have to confirm the same at the time of registering for the test. The MCAT Essentials contains details of the types of questions asked in the exam in addition to various policies related to the registering for the test and its conduct.

There are several web sites that will guide you in your preparation. Some information may be available to you free of cost whereas some web sites may charge you for supplying related study materials. One such web site is and it is a good resource for online preparation assistance and guidance. The information provided in this web site is free of cost. You can search the internet using for links to more web sites of this nature.

In case you are interested in utilizing the internet for a major part of your preparation, you can go in for online tutoring which is a good option for those students who are not interested in taking an online preparation course. is a web site that offers the facility of private tutoring for those of you who are interested in this method for carrying out the preparation. The web site claims that they employ experienced and well qualified tutors. The tutors work out a preparation schedule after analyzing your requirements. You can even exercise the option of signing in for a free online trial session to get an idea of the level of instructions imparted during the online tutoring.

You should carry out a survey on your own for determining the reputation of such online tutoring web sites before deciding to register with one of them. Your survey may include discussions with students who have already taken the  tutoring. Their experiences may be able to shed some light on the utility of online tutoring for MCAT.

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