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The MCAT Website:

The MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is your passport to medical science studies in the reputed colleges and institutions of medical science. For your better understanding, the official website hosts a wide range of information and facts about the test you simply cannot miss. The official website provides you information pertaining to the structure of the test, the preparation of the test, registering and receiving of scores of test, etc. This website contains data and instructions relating to the test fee and administration of the test. In this article, we shall discuss the features and properties of the official website and find out how they help you in taking the test. In the following headings, we shall discuss about the knowledge you receive from the website.

About the MCAT:

The official website of the MCAT provides you with information regarding the test sections and question types of the test. It informs you about MCAT, the test being an evaluation of your problem solving, critical reasoning, writing capabilities and basic scientific knowledge as necessary requirements for taking the exam. You can find about your eligibility criteria as well from of the official website for the test.

Preparing For MCAT:

In this division of the official website, you get to know in detail about the four sections, viz. Physical Science, Biological Science, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Prompts. The study resources and contents given by the official website provide a deep insight to these four sections. In addition, you can get practice tests from the website, along with a suitable study plan and tips in comprehending your MCAT scores.

Reserving a Seat:

This is an important part of the official website as it is important that you have full knowledge about the enrollment procedure of the test. The exam is conducted from the later weeks of January to the early days of September. It is conducted in many test centers all over the globe. In the official website, you shall receive the following information:

However, these links are subjected only for testing locations in the US and Canada. For knowing about test centers outside the US, you have to navigate elsewhere in the official webpage. The following links are associated with test centers outside US and Canada.

In the official website, you also get the procedure for paying the exam fee and get to learn about the processes involved in accommodated testing.

Taking the MCAT:

Simply knowing about the structure and procedure of testing in the test does not complete your journey of the official website. You need to be informed about the articles you need to bring to the test center, the identification and other information you will need to take the exam, guidelines for the discourse of the exam, testing locations rules and regulation, submitting your test center queries and get instant answer.

Releasing Scores:

Finally, the official website provides you information connected to the receipt of your score in 2012 and score release date. You can understand how to interpret the score, how to request for the delivery of the essential materials, and information regarding the validity of your test scores.

Mentioned above are the features of the official website, which is helpful in making you understand the basics of the test and the other properties attached to the exam. Navigating through the official website will help you to understand the MCAT better.

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