Notes for MCAT

Study Notes for MCAT

If you are striving to prepare for MCAT, you have to prepare for it with a sincere plan. You may choose to prepare for the exam for a definite time span. This time span may vary from a month to few months, or might even extend to almost one year. To decide about the time for preparing for the test, first, you have to take a diagnostic test. For this, you have to take help of the official website of the test. Take free sample tests by logging on to the webpage under a time-bound situation and assess your performance. You can get an online report about your performance in this test on your personal e-mail account. This e-mail account can be opened by registering yourself with The report comprises your weaknesses where you have to work out, and the topics that need to be revised.

Based on the topics that need your review, you can prepare your notes for the test. Your notes will certainly comprise the topics from the different sections of the test. They are the Physical sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences and Writing Prompts test sections.

Your study notes for the Physical Sciences field should consist of the following topics:

  • Equations and Constants that are generally used in Chemistry and Physics.
  • The topics related to Chemistry such as electronic structure, bonds, acids and bases, thermodynamics, kinetics, stoichiometry etc.
  • The topics related to Physics such as wave motion, light and optics, electricity etc.
  • The topics related to Math such as arithmetic calculations, trigonometry, ratio and proportion, quadratic equation, probability, mean, median, standard deviation, geometry etc.

If you want to get detailed information, you may consult the webpage Next is the field of Verbal Reasoning. This test section assesses your ability to comprehend and evaluate excerpts and answer questions based on your understanding of the given excerpts.

Your notes should consist of various topics related to humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Moreover, if you want to quickly understand passages that are asked in the exam, you have to do extensive reading of various topics related to the above-mentioned fields of study for your practice. To get more information, you may glance through the webpage

Your notes for the Biological Sciences field should comprise topics related to Biology and Organic Chemistry. You have to concentrate on topics such as genetics, cell structure and function, molecular biology, vertebrates system etc.

Organic Chemistry helps you in understanding about the various reactions that take place inside a living being's system. You must improve your knowledge about biological topics such as nomenclature, reaction mechanisms, classification of living beings etc. To gather more information, you may see through the webpage

Finally, for the Writing Prompt test you have to write two essays. Each essay-writing task consists of a topic statement. You have to write on them according to the given instructions. You need to read and write on various topics related to the humanities and social sciences. Write essays in a time-bound condition and then assess yourself. If you want to get details of the Writing section, you may refer to the link

Your study notes should comprise the above-mentioned topics in detail according to the syllabus of the test. You may refer to the previous test questions by consulting The Official Guide to the Exam, 2nd Edition. This book contains about 140 questions from the actual tests that have been recently conducted. This will give you an idea of the topics from which several questions had been asked. Moreover, by taking the free and paid practice tests, you can get an idea of the topics from which several questions may be asked in the forthcoming exam.

The above discussion provides you with enough information about how you can plan to prepare your notes. No doubt, you have to prepare it yourself; however, you can take help of your coaching experts and your peers to prepare your study notes. Discussion with peers helps you in making your concepts clear on the subjects and thus, it makes your notes more effective. This article also contains some useful links that will guide you to the right direction.