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How do your Med School Admission Prospects Relate to MCAT?

The MCAT medical school entrance examination is a prerequisite for most of the medical colleges in the U.S and Canada. The governing body or the administrator of the test is the AAMC i.e. the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The following are certain MCAT details that reflect its importance for medical school admissions:

This test has four sections; which are 1.Physical Sciences, 2.Biological Sciences, 3.Verbal Reasoning and 4.Writing Sample.

  1. Physical Sciences: The Physical Sciences section, as the name suggests, includes physics and chemistry subjects. Through this section of the test, med school eligibility is ascertained by assessing the candidate's knowledge of chemicals, elements, bonding structure of elements, atomic structures, energy, thermodynamics, thermo-chemistry, electronics and kinetics, equilibrium, solution chemistry, acids and bases, electrochemistry, translational motion, electronic circuit movements etc. It is a combined section for all the aspects of physics and chemical sciences. The questions are rigorous and every topic is explicitly or in a subtle manner, very important for establishing medical school eligibility.
  2. Biological Sciences: The Biological Sciences section of the test has questions from a vast range of topics from biology and its associated sciences like botany, zoology, microbiology etc. The section tests the knowledge of the applicant in the field of molecular biology (enzymes etc), metabolism, DNA structure, protein synthesis, eukaryotes, cells and tissues, muscles, nervous system, endocrine system, immune systems, circulatory systems, digestive systems, lymphatic systems, skin, reproduction, excretion etc. Through the questions of this section, medical school requirements are analysed and, medical schools are able to assess the candidature of an individual for admissions very easily.
  3. Verbal Reasoning: This section is not that technical in nature, as it measures the capacity of a student to understand the given comprehensions and analyse them to answer questions. The section includes questions that require the student to identify the nuances of the given passage, its meaning, inferences and the logical derivations in terms of language skills. This section is as important as the other two scientific sections of the test. Medical school requirements not only pertain to sciences but also to languages and the ability to express oneself in simple and correct language; therefore this section of the test carries equal importance as the other sections.
  4. Writing Sample: This is the most interesting section because of its novelty in scoring. The Writing Sample section requires a student to write on a given subject where, the written matter has to be related to the given topic, and should also be cohesive and comprehensive. The official website provides a list of topics for the sample Writing Section of the test. The students need to be very well prepared for this section also because this section is scored on a different scale than the other sections of the test. Medical school eligibility is also categorically ascertained through this section.

The above-mentioned are just brief explanations of the test that explain how it is related to medical school eligibility assessment. Candidates should visit the official website ( to get a detailed overview of all these sections. There is another aspect of the test that should also be understood to know how the test is related to admissions prospects to medical schools and that is, the MCAT scores.

The test scores have a direct correlation to medical school admission eligibility. Med school prospects do not open only by taking the test and answering the questions of the test. In fact, students have to excel in most of the topics so that their average scores increase. Through the test, med school admission prospects open only for those students who have a high score. The following is an example to prove this point:

  • The Harvard Medical School, which is among the best medical schools of the world, has been historically considering only those students fit for admissions, whose test scores are greater than 35-36. This means an average score of 12 for the first three sections. The Writing Sample scores should ideally be greater than R for this medical school. Only after students fulfil this requirement can they go ahead and provide their other scores like, GPA scores and undergraduate course certificates, which are prerequisites for admissions to Harvard Medical School. Undergraduate certificates are required so that students can prove that they also have undergraduate experience that pertains to the field of Medicine. Once all these criteria are met, candidates can begin the admission process at Harvard. It is very clearly evident therefore, that the MCAT plays a very crucial role for medical school admissions.

It is a very competitive examination and most med schools consider the test scores along with the scores of high school diplomas, medical internship certificates, the medical entrance interview results etc., for their admissions. If the test scores are not good enough then all the other achievements fall flat during admissions. In a nutshell, through the scores of the test, medical school eligibility of an individual is determined and their importance for med school admissions stands second to none.

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