Material for MCAT

Online MCAT Study Materials You Must Consider

Proper preparation is absolutely essential if you want to fare well in MCAT. Hence, selecting a good preparatory method is important. However, when you select a preparatory means ensure that it meets most of your requirements. You can prepare for the test by using available online study materials. Some features of online preparatory methods are discussed in the following section.

Online MCAT Preparation

Many candidates prefer to prepare for the test on their own. This gives them the freedom to utilize their time as per their needs. Moreover, if you have have travelling or time constraints then the best means of preparation for the test is self-study or preparing with the help of online preparation courses.

However, before you start online preparation for the test, ensure that you have access to good material to help you with your preparation. The material should be such that it addresses your strengths as well as, your weaknesses. It should also give equal attention to all sections of the test and contain sufficient number of practice modules. To help you with your preparation some websites dedicated to preparing candidates for the test are discussed in the following section

Some Links to Help You Prepare for MCAT

If you go online and search for preparation material then you will come across a myriad of websites providing aids for MCAT. Some links, to help you find suitable study aids, are mentioned below:

  • The afore-mentioned link is taken from the official website. It contains a number of authentic practice tests. If you appear for these practice tests then you will be able to identify your weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome them. Moreover, you will be appearing for these tests in similar condition as an actual test, i.e., you will have to complete these practice tests in 5 ½ hrs. This will give you a feel of the time constraint that you will be facing during the test. These 'timed' practice sessions will teach you time management and help you prepare strategies and techniques to face the challenges of the test. So if it is practice that you require then this is the ideal website for you.

  • This website is best suited for candidates who require the material separately for each section of the test. If you feel you need to work on and practice each section of the test separately and then proceed to the entire examination then you should visit this website. Here you will find separate test modules for Physical and Biological Sciences sections of the test and separate papers for the Verbal Reasoning section. This approach will help you prepare for the test intensely. Hence, if it is thorough preparation that you need, then this is a good choice.

  • This website provides not only practice modules but also course materials. It provides crash courses, online classroom session and 10 separate practice tests as well. You can enroll in the crash course by paying $45.95 per month. If you require additional help along with this course then you can enroll in their university course by paying $79.95 per month. If you feel you don't need to enroll in any course but only want to appear for practice tests then you can appear for all 10 mock tests for $150.0. Thus, if complete test material is your requirement then you could take help from this website.

  • Princeton Review's online test course provides candidates with good aids. It also provides candidates with 55hrs of online classes and 6 practice tests to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Since it is an institute dedicated to preparing candidates for various examinations, the tutors in their employment are quite skilled, as well as, experienced. If you decide to use Princeton Review's test material then you will get elaborate study materials incorporating the institute's long experience in the field of preparing candidates for the exam. Thus, if your requirements are elaborate study material and personal help then you could enroll in their online preparatory course.

Hence, from the afore-mentioned list you can select the website that meets most of your requirements and use the material provided by it. The most important thing in the test preparation is practice. So before selecting a website ensure that it provides sufficient number of practice sessions. Then select a website and start preparing!