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Your MCAT scores play a pivotal role in deciding your fate as far as your selection to a desired medical college program is concerned. The medical college admission committees of a majority of medical colleges across the US and Canada consider the test scores along with other criteria for short listing candidates for admissions. The other criteria include your college GPA and letters of recommendation. All these criteria are equally important and you cannot afford to ignore any one of them. You have to strive hard for earning a good college GPA in addition to scoring high in the test. This calls for a rigorous study routine for your preparation. The test format will be unfamiliar if you are taking the test for the first time. Get acquainted with the format before you commence your preparation.

Preparing for the MCAT

In order to familiarize yourself with the test's format, you will require a meticulous and carefully planned preparation plan. Visit, the official web site of the MCAT, before you commence your preparation. This web site provides genuine information on the policies governing the conduct of the test. You will be able to gain information related to the format, test centers, test dates and types of questions asked in the MCAT by browsing this web site.

Your preparation for the test should begin at least three months before the test date. You will require this much of time for reviewing the basics of the content tested by the test. It tests your knowledge and problem solving skills in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Your critical thinking skills and reasoning skills will also be assessed by the test. You will require expert guidance for selection of the preparation method to be adopted. Some of the sources of guidance for preparation are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The Internet

The Internet is a huge reservoir of information for those of you who are preparing for the test. There are a number of web sites that will guide you in your preparation. The most prominent among such web sites is the official web site of the test. You can visit web sites like, and which offer you a great deal of information on all aspects of the exam, including the test format and the types of online preparation courses that can be utilized for preparation.

You can utilize the internet for taking online practice tests, which can prove to be immensely useful for brushing up your problem solving skills. The official web site contains a number of practice tests. Make the best use of the internet while carrying out your preparation for the test. In today’s world the internet is a very important tool for learning as well as for disseminating information. Most test preparation institutes offer guidance for the test, strategies for answering questions, sample questions and other related data on their web sites. However, you should always refer to the official web site for all your queries related to the test format and the conduct of the test.

MCAT Guide Books

You may be able to get endless information on the exam from the internet but the bottom line is that you are the one who has to study in order to score high in the test and your study is incomplete without proper guide books. This book is a very effective tool for learning to tackle the test with expertise. You will have to identify a suitable book before you decide to use it for your preparation. There is a lot of significance attached to the books because the careful selection of a suitable guide may increase your chances of scoring high in the test and a worthless guide may succeed in doing exactly the opposite.

You should start your search for a suitable guide from your college itself. You can request the student councilors at your college to guide you for selecting appropriate test books. You may even go to the extent of getting in touch with students from your college who have done well in the exam. Take their advice in selecting the ideal guide book. It is not necessary that only one book will suffice for your preparation. You may have to study from more than one book because the content covered by the books varies from book to book. This variation in the content covered by different books exists in spite of the fact that all the test guides attempt to cover every possible aspect of the test.

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