MCAT Prep by Gold Standard

Options for MCAT Prep from Gold Standard

What is Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard of MCAT has been in the business of training for the test since 2001. They are a premier institute for test preparation in terms of preparing for online test. They have their own publications and a set of preferences when it comes to preparation books. It is very famous and so are their books. Apart from this, they have assorted books from Kaplan and The Princeton Review and they offer them at great prices. Dr Brett Ferdinand overlooks the Gold Standard and he is a highly revered man in this profession. He has written quite a number of books and has a trail of publications. He is known to be the test guru and at the official website of Gold Standard you will find him live and interacting with students, taking personal interviews of students and conducting different preparation classes for the test.

Features of Gold Standard MCAT Prep

  • The Gold Standard of MCAT offers computer based testing to bring classroom simulation. Especially in the case of Gold Standard students are taken from different cities (especially coastal), which removes them from familiar backgrounds and places them in new learning prone environment that aids in learning. Here students are faced with problem solving approaches in the case of intense testing for 6 long days, post which they go back to learning through online resources.
  • The Gold Standard includes 50 hours of classroom teaching.
  • It includes 50 hours of DVDs and online learning.
  • Learning at Gold Standard is divided into packages which are: The Platinum Package and the Home Study Package.

1. The Platinum Package: This includes text books, MP3s, videos (17) and live online courses. The package contains updated versions of almost all the study materials and a full cover of over 60 hours of live online test reviews by Dr Ferdinand himself. Their study materials also include the AAMC Official Guide to MCAT. The students can choose the timings of the sessions in evenings or in the mornings. There are also options available for online schedules.

2. The Home Study Package: This includes The Gold Standard Book and the Medical School Interview DVD. Additionally, it includes 16 MCAT Videos, DVD's and Online Science Review, which are to be used to access sessions electronically. They also have audio MP3s, which have recorded classes that students can listen to day in and day out, even while performing other chores. They have separate programs for each of the sections in the test, such as, Verbal Reasoning, along with essay corrections and personal attention and learning through flashcards. Essay corrections help students to assess their essay writing skills immediately by pointing out their flaws, 8 of the essays submitted will be assessed online by assigned instructors. Personal attention is paid for each student who enrolls with the Gold Standard, since online/live sessions will give the students a chance to interact with the instructors on one-on-one basis. It has been proven that flashcard learning is very effective because of the importance of visual impact. Gold Standard makes full use of this technique to teach critical concepts to their students. Probably the best feature of home study package is that it can be begun at any point of the year by anybody taking the test.

Other Miscellaneous Services by Gold Standard

Gold Standard offers premed services to students in the form of guidance on different medical schools through personalized counseling. Gold Standard also has its own blog which works like a student-instructor interface on an informal level and helps the instructor to share experiences over and above the test preparation program. Gold Standard has its own forum which brings the students of Gold Standard together for discussions on questions, advice from peers and those who have taken the exam at a given point of time. This is a good platform to share experiences with others so that you can also have a great level of interaction with people who know more than what you do.