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A forum is an online discussion site. In this people post messages and other people reply or leave a comment on the post. There are different types of forums. In the forums, like-minded people can hold conversation even if they are geographically far away. These forums are used by students in an extensive way. In MCAT forums, students appearing for the MCAT test post messages, other aspiring students or students studying medicine reply to the queries. Each query is started as a thread.

There are many forums for MCAT. Some of these are for members-only and the others are free for all. For the members-only forum you have to be a member in that particular organization. You can become a member by paying a fee or by registering for their classes. For a free for all forums you just need to register at the site and start reading through the discussion forums and posting messages. These forums are a boon to the students. Tips on how to study and test tactics are also discussed in these forums. Since the information that is posted on the forums is personal experiences of other students, it is first hand information which benefits the others immensely.Some of the most used forums with their web addresses are given below.

  • Student Doctor Network Forum- This forum is by the Student Doctor Network. This is one of the most used forums of MCAT. You can access the topics on the forum without becoming a member. But if you become a member there are a few advantages. The advantages include lesser ads while viewing the threads, access to all community features and extra search options and you can also send private messages to other members. The membership is free. All the topics related to the test are discussed in this forum. There are different forums like Academic Discussions forum, SDN High school forum and Pre-medical forums. You can view the threads under the different forums and learn a lot. This Student Doctor Network forum can be used even after entering a medical school.

  • StudentDoc Forum- StudentDoc is one of the oldest websites devoted to a medical student's life. This helps a student from pre-med years to his/her medical career. Their forum discusses various topics from MCAT to medical careers. For MCAT itself there are many topics like how to prepare for MCAT and how to apply for MCAT and medical schools. This is one of the best forums and gives a comprehensive idea about the test. This forum is free for registration.

  • New Media Medicine Forum- This is an online community of doctors, students of medicine and students aspiring to join medical schools. This website was started in 2002 and there are over 60,000 registered members and 700,000+ messages on their discussion forums. Threads relating to each section of the MCAT are present in the New Media Medicine forum. You can search within the site and select answers to queries in a time range. This is a very useful forum for students applying for the test.

  • MCAT Forum- Forum topics on each of the sections of the MCAT test are there in this forum. This is a free to register forum. There are a few locked forum topics which can be viewed only by paid members. You have to register in their website to enter the forum.

There are many more forums for MCAT but the above four are the most visited forum sites. You can sign up for these forums and benefit while you prepare for the test.