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How Can MCAT Forums Help You Prepare

The MCAT Forums:

An MCAT forum is an important platform for your preparation. You must know that the MCAT tests your ability and knowledge in several kinds of topics and concepts. Several types of questions are framed based on these topics. You may find it difficult to cope up with the diverse range of concepts and questions present in the test. It is to prevent such difficulties there are various forums, which exists in order to help you in your preparation.

An MCAT forum is a virtual blog or a place where PreMed students and teachers actively interact among each other, solving the problems and answering queries of the PreMed students. You may be troubled by some tough question from a practice paper. You can simply post the problem on the forum and get an instant reply from other members of the forum. The forums are also helpful in keeping their users updated with latest news of the test and also it helps to keep a tab of syllabus changes in the test. In this article, we shall discuss some of the most popular forums for MCAT which you can avail while preparing for the test.

The Student Doctor Network:

The Student Doctor Network is a forum where you can get a dependable source of Medical students and doctor interaction regarding MCAT.

  • It shares active discussions regarding the present scenario of the test, future tests, test topics and several tips and techniques to take the test.
  • You will find article and interviews regarding the test in this forum.
  • In addition, you can view several reference materials for the test and avail a range of free test resource downloads.
  • Finally, you can post your own questions and queries in the Student Doctor Network. You can start a thread if you have new information regarding the test.

For registering in this forum, you need to provide some of your basic information along with your valid E-mail I.D.

Medical School Forum:

This forum is run by the Student Doc Medical Education Home and it is also popular among the PreMed students. In this forum you can get a glimpse of what others have to say about MCAT test along with eager teachers and students to help you out with your queries. There are more than 54000 posts in the Medical School Forum and it is used by more than 10000 individuals. You will need a valid email address and enter some basic information about yourself to register yourself in this forum. You can get the following types of information:

  • 'Should you retake MCAT?'
  • 'Medical College Track Programs'
  • 'The big 4 Caribbean schools'
  • 'Getting into Medical School'

These topics can be really helpful for your preparation.

New Media MCAT Forum:

This is another forum where you can independently share the conflicts and barriers you faced while preparing for MCAT. New Media MCAT forum is an advanced forum for MCAT where doctors, present Medical students, Medical college applicants and PreMed students answer and share queries, which are posted in the forum. It has more than 700000 posts and 60000 registered users and it has been on the Internet since 2002. It has a separate forum for test-takers from UK. Take a moment and register for this forum in order to share your problems. Otherwise, you can go through the massive list of test queries and learn much from the replies to the queries. There is a search option to narrow down the information you are seeking and also two drop-down boxes to show threads either from the beginning or sort the threads according to the time of posting.

From the above article you get to learn much about an MCAT forum and understand its relevance to your preparation. The forums contain information regarding the content of the test and also recommendations for taking the test. However, do not mistake these forums as guide centers for your preparation. For expert opinions, you should always clarify your doubts with certified MCAT tutors.

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