Dates for MCAT Exam

5 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting MCAT Exam Dates

MCAT serves as the gateway for the students for securing admission in the medical schools that are located in the United States and Canada. The test is conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) several times in a year from late January to early September. The students can take this test three times within a year although they will have to register separately for each administration. While most MCAT applicants take this test to get admission in the health professional schools, it is also possible for those students to take the test for any other purpose or if they are already enrolled in a medical program. The students can apply to the following health professional schools:

  • Allopathic
  • Osteopathic
  • Podiatric
  • Veterinary Medicine

MCAT Exam Dates

MCAT is held on several dates beginning from late January through early September. The applicants should know the exam dates before registering for the test. However, it is better to register early for getting preferred test dates and centres. While there are more options for the students of USA and Canada as far as exam dates are concerned, the international testing schedule is different for international locations in 2012. The exam is administered to test those skills of the test takers that are recognized as an integral part of the study of Medicine that are important for getting success during the course of their study in the medical schools. The following dates are available for the students of USA and Canada for MCAT 2012:

  • MCAT Exam dates for March 2012: The test is scheduled on March 24, Saturday. The regular registration March 10 and late registration gets over on March 17.
  • MCAT Exam dates for April 2012: The test is scheduled on April 5, Thursday, April 13, 2012 and April 28, Saturday.
  • MCAT Exam dates for May 2012: The test is scheduled on May 12, Saturday, May 19, Saturday, May 24, Saturday and May 31, Saturday.

The international test dates are based on the locations and the dates vary for each country.

5 Important Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting MCAT Dates

The applicants for MCAT should be careful while selecting their exam dates as it will allow them to track their progress as far as preparations are concerned. The following points assimilate some of those things that should be considered while selecting the exam dates:

  • The first thing that should be kept in mind while selecting the dates is that the students must take the test on the year in which they have applied in professional health schools.
  • The methods of preparation differ with every individual, which makes it necessary for the applicants to assess the exact time that they would require preparing for this test and this factor should be taken into account while selecting the dates.
  • The next thing that the students should remember is that the application deadlines differ for each school of Medicine and the MCAT dates should be chosen in such a manner that the students are able to get their scores on time. However, the dates that are provided by AAMC facilitates the students to get their scores and meet the deadlines of the medical schools.
  • The applicants should refrain from choosing a date in September, 2012 if they are required to comply with a deadline in the same year.
  • Exam dates should be selected carefully so that the students get appropriate time to take enough practice tests that will make them feel more confident on the final day of the test.


Getting good scores and attaining success in MCAT is synonymous with the choice of dates. By choosing appropriate dates, the students can expect to score well in this examination and fulfil their academic goals.

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