MCAT Essay Topics

10 MCAT Essay Topics Explained

Candidates appearing for MCAT often don't give the Writing Section of the test its due importance. If you wish to pursue a career in medicine then you should be able to critically analyze a given situation. To help you prepare for the Writing Section, some essay topics are discussed in the following section.

Know Your MCAT Essay Topics

Essay topics of MCAT cover a wide range of subjects. An easy way to do well in this section is by keeping yourself updated about current affairs. If you want to know about some essay topics of the test then click on the following link:

To help you prepare further, some essay topics of MCAT along with explanations are given below:

  1. 'Political motives often turn friends into enemies': In this kind of a topic you should give specific examples from present and past political scenarios where a political leader or even a nation was betrayed by a friend.

  2. 'Success comes to those who work hard': Here you should try and show how hard work often triumphs over intelligence when it comes to succeeding in examinations.

  3. 'Problems are only temporarily alleviated by new technologies': If you come across such a topic you should provide sufficient number of examples portraying how new technologies only cover up existing problems which are revealed over a period of time.

  4. 'Public support is the most important element in times of war’: Such a topic requires you to support your argument for the motion by giving examples where a political leader received public support in spite of the fact that the country was at war. You should also state what you think can garner public support for a leader.

  5. 'It is prudent to practice caution in matters of finance': Here you should give your opinion as to whether or not one should be cautious about one's money. You could argue against the motion by stating how one could be financially successful by not being cautious.

  6. 'Financial security should be one's priority': Here you should argue why financial security is of paramount importance. If you argue against the motion then provide examples where financial security becomes secondary.

  7. 'The value of an item is not always determined by its price tag': This kind of a topic requires you to employ your basic knowledge of economics where the price of an item is determined by things like demand and supply other than the intrinsic value of the commodity. You could also argue against the motion by giving examples of goods whose price reflect their value.

  8. 'Education leads to freedom of mind': This topic deals with personal value system where you can argue against the motion by giving examples as to how education can take away from a person, as well as society, the freedom of thought

  9. 'Justice should be tempered with mercy': This is a legal issue which requires you to analyze whether justice or empathy, which of the two are important. You can give examples showing where justice failed to show mercy, if you wish to argue against the motion and vice versa.

  10. 'Private acts should sometime become public in a balanced society': This topic deals with the difference between public and private acts. If you argue against the motion then you will have to give examples as to how public knowledge of private issues is detrimental for society.

The afore-mentioned list outlines how you can approach various essay topics. However, as you write you should remember that the essay should be coherent and must strictly adhere to the topic. To help you prepare further for it some more essay topics are given in the following section.

Some Essay Topics

While preparing for the writing section you can also consider the following essay topics:

  • The identity of a country is often decided by its enemies, real or imaginary.
  • Democracy means equal opportunity for all citizens.
  • Effective leaders should have the foresight to apprehend future problems.
  • Modern technology should improve our lifestyle not change our value system.

The afore-mentioned topics are similar to those that are mentioned in the official MCAT website. They will help you prepare better for the examination.