MCAT Essay Prompts

MCAT Writing Prompts from AAMC

The MCAT test screens students for competencies and skills required to take up further education in the field of medicine. Students in the United States of America and Canada take the test to prove abilities for admission applications to medical schools and colleges. The official MCAT website gives information about the various test sections and question types that are found on the test. The test includes the three sections of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Verbal Reasoning which have multiple-choice type questions. The Writing Sample section comes with a set of instructions to be followed by the test taker. The official website provides guidelines and reference material called MCAT essay prompts which help you familiarize yourself with the content in this section. To read more about the essay prompts published by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) visit

Some General Information about the Writing Sample Section

The essay prompts available on the official website are a guide to understanding what the Writing Sample Section is about. A list of essays is available for the test taker's reference to familiarize himself with the topics as well as the instructions. Topics selected for the Writing Sample section will be similar or related to the model essays that are provided on the website. This is why you must go through every one of them so you are prepared for all the various possibilities.

Understanding about the Essay Prompts

The Essay prompts available on the website tell you about the topics that appear in the Writing Sample Section. The first line of the essay tell you about the topics. Each essay topic has three instructions or tasks to be completed according to the directions provided. The first task is always to what the essay topic or statement means. The other two tasks depend upon what is expected of the test takers and vary for different essays. You should always ensure that you complete all three tasks when practicing the essay prompts.

About the MCAT Essay Prompts on the Official Website

The prompts available on the website should be a test taker's bible. There are numerous essays which if practiced will leave a test taker thoroughly prepared for the test. Since the available topics on the website are provided as reference material for test takers for future tests, it is essential that you practice all of them at least once or twice so you have the hang of it. To read about the various topics provided on the website or to gain more information about essay questions visit

The writing Sample section of the MCAT test is scored by two different readers. This is the prime reason you should ensure that you have completed this section fully and correctly on the day of the test so you are allotted a high score in this section. You should go through the rules and regulations prescribed for the test as well have proper information about registration deadlines and fees. All such information is available at and can be found under their respective links on the webpage. To look for registration deadlines and testing centers for upcoming testing dates visit

All you need to remember is that you will be able to do well on the test if you have studied and practiced the concepts and are able to complete the entire test within the specified time limit. Hard work and determination will help you go a long way when it comes to the MCAT test.