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It is unlikely that you will be able to do well in MCAT without the assistance of a good test guide. The guide can be used to refer to an article or a booklet that will provide you with information on test courses. Most test preparation institutes provide you with a course guide with their promotional materials, but such a guide is directed towards promoting their courses. A good test guide is one which will give you an unbiased view of the advantages and disadvantages of a course coupled with an in-depth description of the types of test courses available. Here is a guide that will provide useful information about MCAT coaching classes and online courses.

MCAT Coaching Class

You can join a coaching class where you get training to appear in the test from teachers. You are in direct contact with the teachers and the teaching-learning process is carried out in a classroom-like environment. Such a program helps you to get guidance from the instructors. You can also benefit from the experiences of others. It helps in building up the environment of study. When you study in a group, it instills a competitive spirit amongst the students, which in turn makes you do better.

Coaching classes can offer long as well as short exam courses. But this type of a course does not pay enough attention to individual needs of the students. Since it supports group teaching, the weaknesses and requirements of individual students are ignored.

A coaching class is not very flexible. It follows a fixed routine and timetable. You have to be present for the coaching class at the time fixed for it, otherwise you would miss it.

Study Habits Required for a Coaching Class

You can choose to join a coaching class for the test if you have the following study habits.

  1. You are not able to study on your own and need someone’s help to understand the concepts.
  2. You find it difficult to discipline yourself to make a regular routine of studies and devote enough time for preparation.
  3. You are not pushing enough to motivate yourself for studies.
  4. You need an environment where you are amongst students studying the same things.
  5. You are regular to attend a class.

Online MCAT Course

You have many online courses as well. An online course is a set of programs that is designed according to the needs of students. It is flexible as well as informative. This course is more interactive and personalized than a coaching class. You have 24-hour access to help lines where you can clear your doubts. Also there are online discussion and chat groups that you can join. An online course gives you all the information about MCAT and also gives you practice of the computerized web based test. This type of a program is very effective since you become the center of studies. Moreover, since it requires a good amount of self-study, your thinking and reasoning abilities are developed further. It makes the study pleasurable since it differs from the classroom study that you have so far done.

Online courses suffer from some limitations. Since you have to sit in front of the PC for long hours, it can be taxing to your eyes as well as health. Also, an online course needs you to initiate the learning process on your own.

Study Habits Required for an Online Course

The following study habits are required for you to join an online course.

  1. You are able to sit alone and study yourself.
  2. You like to study at your own time and your own pace.
  3. You are able to sit in front of the PC for long hours to study.
  4. You are self-motivated.

If you go by statistics of how beneficial a  course has proven for others, you might get misled. You cannot trust the statistical data to be applicable to one and all. Besides, it might not give you an overall view in totality. You are the best judge of your capabilities and you should decide yourself whether you need to join a program or not. But once you decide to join a test preparation program you should make the best out of it, which is possible only if you are ready to work hard. Even the best course will be a waste if you do not show enough interest in it. Thus you are the one to make a statistical figure of the usefulness of a program for yourself.

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