MCAT is an important milestone that you come across in the pursuit of a medical career. It is the first step that can take you to a bright future. The test classifies the students willing to join a medical college according to their capabilities. It decides if you are fit enough for medical studies or not. Thus it has to maintain a standard that can choose only the deserving candidates for medical studies. Although your performance depends on your capability to master the subject, you also need specific skills to appear in the test. A course teaches you how to take the test. It is a stepwise preparation program designed for the purpose of making the test easier for you. Not only does a test course help you to have enough knowledge of the subjects, it also makes you smart enough to deal with the test. A course helps you with test taking strategies that are as essential as the knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore in case you want to overcome this milestone, a course is a must for you.


A course is your guiding light. Therefore a good course is supposed to be approachable as well as comfortable for students. It should be such that it helps in making the test simple and convenient for those who join it. It gives practical knowledge of the test to students and makes it easy for them to understand the test.

In order to be useful and effective, the test course must include the following features.

1. A course should offer enough reference materials. It should be enough for you to take the test. That means the subjects and syllabus covered in the test should be well covered by the test course.

2. Along with study material, a course becomes effective only when it offers enough practice questions and sample tests to support it. A question bank of the test questions is essential for the students to give them an idea of the type of questions asked and also give them practice in the same.

3. A good course is time saving. It offers different courses of different time durations. Thus students should have enough choice in their hands when it comes to choosing a course. There should be full time courses, weekend courses as well as last minute preparation courses.

4. The efficiency of a course depends upon its team of teachers and instructors. The teachers should not only know what and how to teach, they should also help the students out of their problems. They should be able to bring out the best in students and polish their skills. Thus a good course must train the students well in test taking strategies.

5. A good program encourages individual participation and makes it a two way process. Thus students are made to discuss their doubts. They should also be given feedback for their performance so that they can improve their mistakes.


One of the requirements of a good course is that it should offer different programs based on different needs of students. You can find a course that suits your time as well as one that suits your capabilities.

A test course that suits your time will be such that it fits in the time you have for preparation. You may have a lot of time like 5 months for preparation, or less time like a month or so for the same. It is also possible that you can spare time only on weekends or in the evenings. Thus you have different types of courses to choose according to your requirement.

Programs are also available according to your capability. Some courses are specially designed for slow learners who need more time and attention, while some courses are good for bright students who aim for the top.

You can find all the types of programs either in the form of a coaching class, or as an online course. These two sources taken together offer you a wide variety of courses from which you can choose the one that suits your needs.

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