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Demerits Of Preparing From MCAT Prep Books

There are a number of other methods of preparation that are more interesting and motivating. MCAT preparation books lag behind in grasping the attention of the students like the other methods can. It is dull and boring to study from preparation books.

Preparation books require a lot of maintenance. Since a book is huge, it is cumbersome to handle and carry it. It can get torn with overuse, thus it is very difficult to manage it.

This books can be updated only when the next edition is published. Until then no changes can be added to them. Publishing books is a time bound process and cannot be done as quickly as the changes may occur. That is why books can remain outdated till the time the next edition is not printed.

A book does not give any feedback. This method of study lacks communication, which is very important in the process of teaching and learning.

Some Helpful MCAT Prep Books

The recent preparation books have been designed to overcome most of the limitations of studying form a book. They provide things like CD-ROMs and flash cards in order to make the preparation easy and interesting. Some of the best preparation books for MCAT are listed below:

  1. Kaplan MCAT 2007-2008 Premier Program (w/ CD-ROM) by Kaplan - This book is a helpful tool for preparation as it provides strategies and insights into the test. It also comes with a CD companion, which has proved useful for many students.
  2. Examkrackers Complete Study PKG: 5 Book Package by Jonathan Orsay - This book focuses on the new concept of the computer based test. It consists of 5 books covering biology, organic chemistry, chemistry, physics and verbal reasoning, along with practice tests.
  3. Cracking the MCAT CBT, 2nd Edition by Princeton Review - This is also an MCAT book designed to help you through the computer-based test or CBT. You have in it practice questions, simulated passages, complete review of the science sections and verbal skills.
  4. Kaplan New MCAT in a Box (Cards) by Kaplan - This book makes the preparation interesting by including about 700 flashcards covering the science sections. It coves the topics of Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences effectively. It is designed in order to make it an easy reference for the test.

Although a book may have some shortcomings, it is not completely useless. It is a storehouse of information and can be used effectively for browsing through the topics. You always gain something when you turn the pages of a book. Thus it can be said that a book is one that is opened with expectation and closed with profit.

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