A book is a friend and a guide at the same time. It is not only a source of entertainment, but is informative as well. It helps you to relax when you are worked out and gives you instructions where you are stuck. It is your companion in times of loneliness. A book is a storehouse of knowledge when you need to seek it. Since a book can fulfill various requirements, it is widely used to impart education. An MCAT book is also a book designed in order to help the reader through all the aspects of the test. It helps in preparing for the test. It helps in building up your language and vocabulary. This book offers support to those who find scientific concepts difficult to understand. Apart from this, the book of MCAT helps in self-evaluation.


In order to benefit from an MCAT book, you need to get hold of a good one. You should choose this book by looking at its merits and demerits. However, before that you should find out how comfortable you are with a book. Everyone cannot study from books. You need to have specific study habits to be able to prepare form a book. That is why it is very important to identify your study habits in order to see if you will be able to prepare for the test from the book or not.

The following study habits are required to be able to benefit from a book as a preparatory source.

1. You are fond of reading books.

2. You are able to understand the concepts on your own without any extra help.

3. You should be capable of self-study. That means you are able to sit and study alone and don't need a classroom environment.

4. You cannot follow a fixed time plan to study and prefer studying at a time that suits you.

5. You want to study for MCAT at your own pace.

6. You do not need anyone to motivate you and you can initiate the process of study on your own.

7. You are disciplined enough to devote time for studies.

You can take the above study habits as a self-check to find out your nature. If your study habits match with most of the above, a book is the best option for you, but if the above list does not hold true for you, you should not depend completely on a book for preparation.


If you are able to study from books, you will surely find that a book is a complete source of information for MCAT. It is a solution to all your problems. You can find the clarification of all your doubts regarding the test in a book. It can be of great help to you if you exploit it to the fullest.

When you need to know the purpose behind conducting the test, the procedure of the test, its format, marking scheme etc., you can take up a book and read through the introduction. Thus, a book explains the details of the test, starting form the agencies that conduct it, to the way the scores are reported to various colleges. It is an effective way of familiarizing yourself with the test.

A good book covers the syllabus of the test. It covers all the four sections in detail, by including all the relevant reference material. That mean a book can help you in preparing all the sections. It explains all the concepts and skills that are tested in MCAT. To put it in different words, a book is your guide. It is the most patient teacher, which always clears your doubts without fretting at anything.

It helps you in practicing your skills by providing practice exercises. It includes practice tests and sample questions along with the answer keys. You can solve these questions to test your performance. By testing yourself, you come to know your level and your weaknesses. It gives you a chance to identify your shortcomings and improve upon them.

It is also used as a ready source of reference material. If you need immediate information regarding any aspect, you can refer to it. Thus you can fall upon it and refer to it as and when required.


A good test book is one that has the following features.

1. A good book initiates your thinking process. It is rightly said that the book that helps you the most is the one that makes you think the most. Thus, a good book opens and broadens your mind by strengthening your concepts. It should not just consist hard facts, but it should explain them in a simple and understandable language.

2. A good book has a name in the market. It is popular because of its usefulness and because of its authors. A good book is compiled by professionals and well known writers. Only good writers can make the book useful by including the relevant content along with test-taking tips.

3. A good book for MCAT is accurate. It does not contain ambiguities and errors. It is precise and proper. It gives you the correct and up-to-date information.

4. A good book contains just the required amount of content. It neither contains useless details of irrelevant facts, nor does it fall short of the same. It has enough material required to get a good score in MCAT.

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