What is AMCAS and How Does it Help MCAT Applicants

AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) is regarded as the primary form of application method for MCAT applicants in all participating medical schools of the United States of America. It happens to be a non-profit based organization offering a centralized service to all the test applicants who are in their entering classes in the first-year of medical school. Top medical schools in US prefer AMCAS over other application methods owing to its simple structure.

AMCAS-Your Passport to Medical School

AMCAS and its web-based application is one of the most sought after systems employed by major medical schools of US and Canada. It is the most trusted way to streamline the admission process for all medical school aspirants. It is the only way you get your MCAT and GPA ratings verified and forwarded to your desired medical school. It not only helps the medical schools to handle admission procedures effectively, but also gives a chance for students to apply for more than one medical school. Thus, medical career aspirants are saved from the burden of sending their scores and applications individually to each medical school. It doesn't matter how many schools you want to throw in your application for. One single application form along with your MCAT scores will take care of it. However, AMCAS is only an application method and lacks any right to alter the decision taken by the admission committee of a particular medical school.

AMCAS takes into account the GPA and MCAT scores and segregates them into three criterions namely; "MCAT" score, "The Overall GPA" and "Science GPA". A majority of medical schools in US and Canada (except the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences) uses AMCAS as the application method for medical school applicants. There is an initial number screening session following which they consider and put your MCAT and GPA scores under scrutiny.

AMCAS Application Method-How It Works

The AMCAS MCAT statement is the first thing that you need to fill in while applying for a medical school. The AMCAS personal statement is perhaps the easiest part of the application process. All you need to do is to explain why you wish to be a physician. A student's personal statement is basically written in a one page structure where you talk a little about yourself, your background and why you selected medicine to be your career. You will have to focus upon what you know about medicine studies and your experiences. You need to make them understand why you consider yourself to be fit enough to be a physician. The second thing that you need to do is to sell yourself a little more stating how and why you consider yourself to be a good match for the particular medical school.

Take caution. You must do your homework right and get all information on the school before you write your application. Put stress on areas which the medical school focuses upon. If research and innovation is one such scope which the medical school is good at, then you should highlight the same in your essay and try to draw points in your own way accordingly. Additionally, always remember to maintain a natural flow and never over-do yourself. Make sure your thoughts are logically explained in your essay and supported by evidence. These days the medical school essays are all edited professionally, hence having a strong grammar base helps a lot. The students should also take care to avoid any kind of typos and try to project their write-up in a clear and crisp manner.

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