Advice for MCAT

MCAT Preparation-Invaluable Advice

MCAT is the medical entrance test that is taken by students all over the world for securing admission to schools of Medicine that are located in the United States and Canada. The test comprises three multiple-choice questions and one Writing section, which are as follows:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Advice
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing Sample

The test is administered several times in a year from late January to early September and the students can take the test three times within a period of one year. The test is administered by AAMC or the Association of American Medical Colleges and the test's score is an integral part of the admission procedure to pursue the study of Medicine. While the multiple-choice questions (Physical Sciences, Biological sciences and Verbal Reasoning) are scores on a scale of 1 to 15, the Writing section is scored on an alphabetic range of J to T.

How to Prepare for MCAT

While it is difficult to follow an advice strictly for MCAT, there is nothing that can beat a solid preparation for scoring well in the test for securing admission in top medical colleges. The test applicants should familiarize themselves with the contents of the test at first and then begin with their preparations. When it comes to advice, the first thing to keep in mind is to select proper test dates and register within time so that the students get enough time and choose the correct mode of study for the test. This examination tests the students' ability of critical evaluation, their knowledge of the science concepts and their competence in expressing their views in Standard English maintaining proper grammar, syntax and punctuation.

MCAT Preparation-Invaluable Advice

If you are keen to make it to a top medical school, you should gear up for the entrance test or MCAT. Here is a list of invaluable tips for the MCAT applicants:

  • It is not only important to gather advice until you make efforts to implement them.
  • Time Management is one of the vital factors for getting good scores, which means that the students should be careful about choosing the test dates, as it will help them to assess their level of preparation and track their progress until the arrival of the final day of the test.
  • Although the test is offered several times in a year,  try to crack the examination in the first attempt. Besides this, the test dates should be chosen based on the schools in which the students have applied and their deadlines. Since it takes 30-35 days to get the scores, it is necessary to calculate the test dates before registration.
  • There are several prep courses that are available for the test and the ones that are offered by Princeton Review and Kaplan are considered by many students but the question is whether prep courses actually affect the scores or the students should resort to self study? According to experts, a prep course is necessary because it allows the students to stay updated about the test and the strategies that should be followed while taking the test.
  • The prep materials or the classroom courses differ in form and content and the students should choose a course that they actually require instead of blindly following an advice like a magic potion.
  • Practice tests should be taken by each participant regardless of the courses that they have chosen.
  • The test applicants should remain cool and confident at least seven days before the test and say relaxed before reaching the test center.


Those students who are appearing for MCAT in 2012 should follow the general advice of the test and take the test successfully for realizing their academic goals.

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