MCAT in 2012

When can you take MCAT in 2012

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is considered to be one of the most important exams for anyone considering a medical career. MCAT in 2012 shall continue to follow the same standardized multiple choice question pattern which aims at assessing the examinee's capability to solve problems, think critically, deliver logical conclusions to an argument and judge scientific concepts related to a particular field of study. All major U.S schools accept MCAT scores for admission to medicine studies. The test scores are generally reported for papers like Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences,Biological Sciences and Writing Samples. If you have appeared for the test before and wish to take admission in 2012, make sure that your test scores are not more than three years old, which is then rejected by the medical school. In that case, you shall have to reappear for the test in 2012.

Eligibility Criteria and Registration

While registering for MCAT in 2012, you shall have to accept an official statement which declares your wish to join a medical or health professional's school. In other cases, when you plan to sit for this test in 2012 without any intention to pursue a medical career, you shall have to obtain a special permission. AAMC (Association of America Medical Colleges) allows MCAT aspirants to register online for the exam through the official website.The students who register for the test in 2012 shall also have a chance to reappear for the exam for up to three times in one calendar year.You need to be very careful while registering for the test. Once your credit card is charged, the amount cannot be reversed back to your account under any circumstances. In case, you wish to deregister yourself, you shall have to state a convincing reason to the authorities. If you wish to apply for the medical school in 2012, so that you can take admission in 2013, then it's beneficial to take this test in 2012 itself. In that way, your scores shall always stay updated when you take admission in the following year.

The registration costs for the 2012 test are $240 for regular modes and $80 extra when a candidate sits for the examat an "International Site".$70 extra is charged for all late registrations and rescheduling test dates or changing a test centre. AAMC also has a student assistance program called FAP (Fee Assistance Program) for all the test aspirants who are not in a position to bear the registration fees.

International Exam Dates for MCAT 2012

2012 MCAT dates have been finalised for all national and international sites. In Australia, the exam is scheduled to take place on January 27 & 28 and then on April 5 & 13 and finally on May 19, 24, &31. In countries like India and Japan, the exam shall take place only on January 28 and in South Africa and Taiwan, the test is scheduled for April 13. In United Kingdom, January 27& 28, April 5& 13 and May 24 & 31 have been identified as MCAT exam dates.

For any specific MCAT session, there is no waitlist option in the year 2012. However, if a student wishes to cancel his registration for the year 2012, he will be offered a partial refund following which, he will be able to move his registration to the next year, i.e.2013. A student is also allowed to call his exam "void" if he is not happy with his performance. In such a case, the student shall have to notify the AAMC authorities stating his wish to "void" his paper, so that his test scores are not taken into account. However,one shall have to wait till the end of the exam to "void" his test.

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