Understand The Utilities of MCAT Course Offered By Examcrackers

Salient Features of Examkrackers for MCAT Prep

Started in the year 1997, Examkrackers is a company established to help students prepare for standardised tests like the MCAT, LSAT and the GPA. The Examkrackers course helps candidates appearing for the MCAT, prepare for the test. There are several options at Examkrackers for the MCAT candidates. Some of them are discussed here.

Course options at Examkrackers MCAT:

1. Full-time live MCAT classes:

The live classes from Examkrackers are for students who are interested in preparing for the MCAT in a classroom through live lectures. Following are the basic tenets of this course:

  • Exhaustive classes that run for 9 weeks.
  • The course includes live classes with a stipulated time for practicing actual MCAT preparation.
  • The live classes are for eight hours and seven hours are kept for practice every week so in total, it includes fifteen hours weekly.
  • The course has a different schedule in different states of the United States.
  • The website ( www.examcrackers.com ) provides detailed information about the course availability and schedule in the different cities that it is conducted in.
  • The live course is inclusive of all aspects of the MCAT and attends to all the different sections of the test.

2. Online Examkrackers MCAT store:

This course can be taken through a set of books that the company provides in its website These books are like self-help books that can help students who cannot attend the live classes due to any reason.

Following are few of the books available at the online Examkrackers MCAT store:

  • Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package (7th Edition): This package includes several question papers and tips to answer those questions of the MCAT. Targets all subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc that are useful for the test.
  • Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning (2nd Edition): As the name clearly suggests, this book contains passages to help practice the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT. 101 practice passages make the book quite exhaustive.
  • Examkrackers How to Get into Medical School: Apart from the syllabus books on the MCAT, Examkrackers also caters to the gamut of details that need to be taken care of to get a student admitted to a medical college. This book is available especially for those details.

3. Home study from Examkrackers MCAT:

This course can be called the 'unique selling proposition' of the course options. This course is designed just like the live courses and starts exactly ten weeks before the test date. A nine-week long schedule includes an exhaustive amount of study material and practice.

Steps for the home study option of the Examkrackers are:

  • Purchase of books from the Examkrackers MCAT online store.
  • Solving preparation- tests before starting to prepare for the test.
  • Noting down the positives and negatives of your preparedness.
  • Go through the study schedule from the website www.examcrackers.com where the process of preparation is explained for every week.

4. The Examkrackers MCAT forum:

This is an online forum that is used by the Examkrackers Company to make announcements, discuss the details of the upcoming MCATs and also help students through the question-answer sessions. They have quizzes, practice courses and discussions on real-time problems that bother an MCAT candidate.

The Examkrackers Company was founded by Jonathan Orsay and Jordan Zaretsky. These courses have evolved over the years to make Examkrackers one of the sought after companies proving assistance for test preparation. The MCAT became a computerised exam in 2006 and the company has ever since changed its procedures to cater to the students of the new MCAT.

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