Cost Of Taking The MCAT

How Much Do You Pay for MCAT and Why

The Cost of Taking MCAT:

The MCAT is a standardized exam for prospective medical science students who wish to study medical science in the most reputed medical colleges in the US and Canada. The cost of this test includes registration fees, late registration fees, test center change fees and much more. The test fee also includes application fees and other expenses. The cost of test is such that it does not pose as a financial burden for the test-takers. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has fee waivers for candidates who are unable to pay the basic test fees. The fee is nominal, which includes some of the required articles and materials connected with test. In this article, we shall discuss the constituents of MCAT fees in details.

Application Fees:

This is the most important fee that you have to pay before taking test. In the primary stage, you have to make the payments by clicking on the following website:  American Medical College Application Service(AMCAS)application fees to start your application procedure. For the upcoming MCAT, the fee is $160 for the first school you apply and $33 for the additional schools you may apply for medical courses. Some medical schools prefer a secondary application fee ranging from $25 to $100. And finally, there might be a college service fee for transferring your college copy from your college record. Application fee is the first element of the cost of the examination.

Registration Fees for MCAT:

There are certain fees pertaining to the registration of MCAT. These fees are the most important elements of the entire cost involved in taking the MCAT. The regular registration fee is $240 for test location in US and Canada. For other test locations, or international locations, the test fee is $80 in addition to the regular test fee for MCAT. There are three more such fees that must be paid in addition to the regular registration fee for the test. They are:

  • Late Registration Fee: $70
  • Test Date Reschedule Fee: $70
  • Fees for Change of Test Center: $70

It is important to note that when the international test locations are dealt with, it pertains to locations outside the US, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The AAMC's Fee Assistance Program (FAP):

For all those applicants who find it difficult to bear the burden of the test fee, the AAMC makes provisions for FAP. The test cost is reduced to $85 for those test-takers who qualify for FAP. FAP recipients receive a copy of The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam together with an electronic version of Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR), valid for a year. The FAP significantly reduces the cost of the test. There are certain eligibility criteria, application processes and assorted deadlines for FAP. For detailed information about FAP, you need to click here. The link takes you to the webpage for the Fee Assistance Program.

This article describes the basic cost of appearing for this examination that you must pay for taking the test. However, there are certain complementary expenses, associated with MCAT, to which you must pay heed. Such costs include purchasing preparation materials such as online practice tests, preparation books and optional preparatory courses to sharpen your test-taking skills. Whatever you choose to buy, you should be sure not to exceed the normal expenses for taking the test. Remember, the test costs is more like an investment for future benefits. Once you have got through a reputed institution, there's no stopping you from being successful. Hence, a little amount of expense during the preparation of MCAT will do more good than harm to you.